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Signal To Add ‘Usernames’ For Phone Number Privacy Of Users

Signal To Add ‘Usernames’ For Phone Number Privacy Of Users
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Signal Private Messenger announced a new update called ‘Signal Usernames,’ which aims to protect users’ privacy and give them a new and alternate way to build connections without sharing their phone numbers. Moreover, users will not be able to see everyone’s phone numbers by default in the Signal app. It was reported last year that Meta-owned WhatsApp is working on a similar username feature.

Users on Signal can easily hide their identity with usernames; however, they will still need to register on the app with their phone number. The company has revealed that these features are being tested in beta and will be available to users within a few weeks. Notably, these features will be available to everyone, but to use them, both people in a conversation need to use the most updated app version.

The company further explained that usernames have different meanings on Signal. Unlike other social media platforms, Signal usernames will not be used for login purposes.

They’re simply a quick way to connect without sharing a phone number. Your profile name remains whatever you set it to,

Your username is not displayed on your Profile Details page, and people you message can’t see or find your username without your sharing it.

The company stated in a blog post.

Signal To Add ‘Usernames’ For Phone Number Privacy Of Users
Image: Signal

After this new update, users’ phone numbers will only be visible to those who already have them saved in their phone’s contacts. Signal said in a statement,

People who have your number saved in their phone’s contacts will still see your phone number, regardless of your settings, since they already know it.

You can also control this by going to Settings > Privacy > Phone Number > Who can see my number.

Signal also mentioned that individuals can only have one username at a time. They can easily be changed, and once changed, people will not be able to contact you with the old username or QR code.


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