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‘Silent Hill: The Short Message’ out on PS5, Silent Hill 2 Remake Gets New Trailer

‘Silent Hill: The Short Message’ out on PS5, Silent Hill 2 Remake Gets New Trailer
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Konami has released a new Silent Hill game on PS5 for free. Silent Hill: The Short Message is a first-person horror game made by Konami as an experimental project. This game was developed by Konami in partnership with Hexadrive. The PlayStation blog stated,

Of course, we also partnered with Hexadrive, who are very experienced and skilled developers, to help us bring everything together. But as this is still an experimental title, it was our plan from the beginning to release it for free so that as many people as possible could play it.

Many Silent Hill fans also remember that Konami has previously released a first-person game for the franchise. Many years ago, they released a playable teaser for Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hill game. However, it was removed from the PlayStation later. This disappointed the PlayStation gamers too. Although there are minimal chances of the same thing happening again, we cannot predict the future. It is possible that Silent Hill: The Short Message might also go through the same thing. Therefore, players should be quick to make use of the game until it’s playable.

Video by Play Station

Moreover, many Silent Hill fans are also waiting for the Silent Hill 2 remake. But it’s been more than a year since Konami acknowledged the same. The Silent Hill 2 remake project, which is still in development by the Bloober Team, was featured at the latest State of Play. A new trailer revealed that the game has some new creatures and combat. As per a report by IGN, the characters play Anita. She travels through a location called The Villa. The trailer does not display any weapons. Meanwhile, she runs with her phone. Furthermore, players can expect to see mature content with occasional self-harm attempts, as the trailer issues a content warning beforehand.

Video by Play Station

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