Simp Memes: What Are They? And How Are They Helpful Towards Your Business?

Simp Memes

If you are into social media, you will know the existence of Simp memes. These are the pictures and videos that make us laugh. They rely on being ‘relatable’, which is enough to grab the people’s attention over the internet. The origin of memes is very old. In fact, it is surprising how old the idea is and how it has impacted the branches of social media.

What are memes?

Memes came from the Greek word mimema. The meaning of this word is something that is imitated. This could be with respect to a person, a pattern, a genre, or maybe satire. Biologist Richard Dawkins coined the term in his literature on ‘the shellfish gene’. Twitter is one of the largest sources of memes which has extended to 9gag among other popular meme pages.

What are simp memes? 

The interesting factor is that there are very different kinds of memes. Some are relatable to a certain group of people, while others are not. The newer generations of millennials and GenZ are very well acquainted with the idea and the different genres of memes. 

Simp Memes

Starting from dank memes to the trenders, people are very well intrigued by the idea. Hence memes are always something to be looked forward to. SIMP is just another kind of trendy meme. Simp memes have started to grow on people for a couple of years now. By definition, SIMP refers to a male person who is overtly focused and submissive to women. 

SIMP is the acronym for ‘Sucker Idolizing Mediocre Pussy’, which men consider an insult.  There are many memes that are supposedly funny over social media. This term has been considered offensive and sexist in many Reddit forums. However, the currency value of these memes has been skyrocketing in recent times. 

Why are they trending? 

Memes are always something to be appreciated. The person creating the memes must possess a good sense of humour. While there are many simp memes that are offensive to both men and women. However, what needs to be considered is that the audience is not exactly refraining from the same. On the contrary, they have been encouraging and enjoying the content.  

Moreover, memes have a lifespan wherein they are funny as long as they are relatable. Therefore one needs to make memes within a day or a couple of hours to get viral. Along with the timing, the quality of the content should matter. Hence one needs to make sure that the topic of the memes is still hot and trending. 

How can you use simp memes to increase your content marketing? 

You will notice there are many companies that have walked into the culture of memes to increase their advertisement. Durex is one of the biggest brands that has effectively managed to bring the people’s attention in their ads. While they have a personal style to them, here are some ways how simp memes help you with content marketing: 

They are already popular 

While the content is variable, the template of the meme is the same. That is the beauty of a simp meme. You can change the content and personalize it according to your story. That is how there are so many memes that are relatable while maintaining the templates of simp memes. 

You can use humour to express yourself. 

The primary reason why people invest so much time and energy in memes is because of the expression. Simp memes are popular because they create a safe space for people to channelize their humour. Moreover, you can get as creative as you want with the template. 

Very easy to make 

People on the internet will watch anything that comes to their feed. So people will randomly start watching someone eating on the internet. So that is really weird, which you can take advantage of. Thus, you can easily make your own texts and create a light-hearted, fun simp meme for your company with the already existing templates. 

Brand recognition and brand personality 

Memes are basically a reflection of what is going on in your head. While you will not be the only representative of your company, you need to think like the enterprise. The kind of humour that you create will tell people a lot about your company. When you upload your simp meme on the internet, you are most likely using hashtags and other trendsetters. Therefore, ensure that your comedy does not leave a bad mark on the company. 


To conclude, making memes is not a very difficult task, but one wrong move can essentially ruin your credibility. Furthermore, as much as these things are supposed to be taken lightly, they are fast spreading. Thus, if you happen to make something out of the line, it can potentially harm your company’s image.  

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