What is a Huge Titan? Rod Reiss’s explanation of the Titan’s size AOT

What is a Huge Titan? Rod Reiss's explanation of the Titan's size AOT

Huge Titan is also referred to as Colossal Titan. The Titan’s strongest and largest form, excluding Rod’s unusual 120-meter version. It stands at a height of 60 metres, and it is said to be the most powerful Titanic incarnation. However, Zeke Yeager is the fiercest fighter and serves as Marley’s primary weapon against its adversaries. At 120 meters tall, the Rod Reiss Titan was the largest Titan ever known. Because it was dragging itself on its belly, it stood 40 meters tall but was twice the size of the Colossus Titan, the enormous Titan that pokes its head over Wall Maria in the Battle of Shiganshina Arc.

What transformed Rod Reiss into a colossal Titan? Why haven’t the Marleyans created an army of Colossal Titans using this form?

It could be a combination of various factors. The serum Reiss ingested was created for Historia, and he licked the serum from the floor rather than putting it into his veins. He was not ingesting the entire dose of serum but simply a small portion of it. He is a member of the Reiss Royal Family, which means that some of their bloodlines may produce unique Titans. Armin stated in MangaManga that Rod Reiss was a colossal titan due to its massive size. Additionally, it appeared to be oblivious to them, proceeding directly towards Orvud District and Wall Sina. Erwin was the one who brought this to the animation’s attention.

According to one idea, anomalous titans, such as the one discovered by Thomas in the Trost Arc and others. They were developed as a result of their failure to consume the correct amount of Titan serum. Titans that have developed unnaturally due to this exhibit characteristics that are distinct from those of conventional titans. For instance, they may accelerate oddly or even ignore people entirely in favour of others. Rod Reiss may have ingested the serum incorrectly. It transformed him into a huge titan who was unaware of his survey corps and was significantly larger and more malformed than other Titans. One of the reasons Reiss was so well-known was his enormous size. I believe that the primary reason abnormal people are born is to accomplish a specific aim.

Reiss was adamant about reclaiming the role of the Founding Titan, and that role was fearsome. He morphed into an abnormal titan, twice the size of his huge titan.

What transformed Rod Reiss into a huge Titan rather than a standard-sized Titan?

Many assume it is because of the way the man ingested, but I have a different theory. To begin, it was not how Rod drank it but rather what Rod swallowed. He possessed the most powerful titan serum. From one perspective, the Colossus giant appears to be the best since it is the most destructive, which is probably accurate.

Second, the plot is centred on the concepts of objectives and willpower. I’m confident Rod possessed a strong enough drive to turn himself into someone capable of accomplishing the task. However, he was a genuine Huge Titan in the sense that he grew in stature as a result of his objective, regardless of what objective he pursued.

Trond Rod was descended from a royal family. We already know that the royal family has some sway over the people of Ymir because Frida Reiss altered Historia’s memories despite not being the founding titan. Additionally, we are aware that the foundation of the titan can determine the titan’s size.

Spoilers for Huge Titan manga

To clarify, let us examine the clues we have on how Titan bodies are built. That is after Zeke’s lower body was struck by an explosion. It will be a major spoiler for anyone who mustered the confidence to continue beyond the spoiler warning if I tell you what that means. We observe here a lovely girl, Ymir, utilising sand to repair Zeke’s body. Perhaps in a parallel realm where time is faster, the girl makes Titan bodies or cures injured Titan and Titan shifter body components. Zeke can recall this, although others are unable to do so due to his royal heritage.

The primary takeaway from this incident is that we now understand how huge Titan bodies are created. Additionally, as we discovered in the Mikasa case, Ackerman does not heal like other Titan shifters. As a result, if I had to estimate how the Titan switch works, it may look something like this.

The Ackermans are Ymir’s Subjects. They are, however, immune to the Founding Titan’s capacity to alter Subject Ymir’s memories. If I were to reach an accurate judgement, it would be based on Manga’sManga’s assertion. Assume that the Ackermans are incapable of resisting total Titan control. In that situation, it is quite unlikely that Ymir will create Titan body parts for them. As a result, according to my logic, Ackermans cannot evolve into Huge Titans.

Titan Changer

Rod absorbed liquid from the Titanic Titan and grew enormous. Regular titans are humans that have been injected with regular titan fluid, giving them a standard size. In essence, when titan fluid is injected, it confers unique characteristics. Rod’s significance over the Huge Titan was greater because it was an uncommon one, which indicates he had a purpose in mind to recapture the Titan that was founded. Because his dream inspired him, he was tenacious in the pursuit of his objective.

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