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Skyh Alvester’s Black Biography: The Life Story of a Rising Star

Skyh Alvester Black Biography: The Life Story of a Rising Star

The story of Skyh Alvester Black is one of the perfect alignments of determination, grit, and faith. It’s a story of overcoming overwhelming odds and rising from nothing to make a mark on the face of Hollywood. Today, Skyh Alvester Black is an actor, a dancer, a philanthropist, and somewhat of a heartthrob. And this is his story.

Skyh Alvester Black’s early life

Black was born on February 16th, 1988, in Miami, Florida, United States. He said that Miami is not just South Beach; he was raised in the hood amidst a lack of opportunity, a lack of adequate provisions, and all the other types of lacks that you can associate with the hood. He had a passion for dancing from a very early age, inspired by Michael Jackson. He entered dance classes at the age of five, a decision that would go on to change his life years later.

Black trained as a professional ballet and tap dancer from quite an early age. He started at the New World School of Arts in Miami. He then moved to New York to train at the School of American Ballet. Skyh Alvester Black has also studied at the Miami City Ballet, the American Ballet Theater, and the Atlanta Ballet. He had dedicated his life to the pursuit of art, and it is paying him back well.

Skyh Alvester Black – Rise to Fame 

After finishing his professional training as a dancer, Black moved to Los Angeles to join Beyonce as her lead male dancer on tour. Successively, he’s worked with Rihanna and Mariah Carey. He had an amazing dancing career, to say the least, and he worked with the best of names. He broke a bunch of stereotypes by being a muscular black ballet dancer. Things were working out pretty well.

In 2014, Alvester booked the lead role in Michael Jackson’s music video “A Place with No Name”, part of MJ’s second Posthumous album, Xscape. It was in this music video that Black’s acting skills turned a few heads. Director Debbie Allen recognized his potential and instigated him to take up acting. Skyh Alvester Black pressed pause on his dancing career and started taking acting classes.

He had to take up valet parking jobs to sustain himself without any more dancing gigs or tours. He had taken the harder path of learning a new skill and applying himself in a different field of art. Things could have gone wrong. But he had faith in himself, and it paid off.

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Skyh Alvester Black: Career

Skyh Alvester Black, or Alvester Martin’s, first appearance on the big screen was back in 2011 at the age of 23. He appeared as a dancer in Footloose. In the same year, he played Darnell in two episodes of The Chadwick Journals. 

In 2016, Black appeared in an episode of Lucifer as Hot Bounty. The following year, he appeared as Rory in an episode of Tales.

In 2018, he played the role of Executive Trae in Jean-Claud La Marre’s romance drama Kinky. In the following year, he played Arny Markowitz in an episode of Black Monday.

Skyh Alvester Black Biography: The Life Story of a Rising Star

In 2021, Skyh Alvester Black had his biggest break at the age of 33 when he landed the role of ‘AMP’ Addiction Anthony in Christian Keyes’ “All the Queen’s Men”. The series was a major success, with 95% positive ratings. Black appeared in all 30 episodes of the show about male exotic dancers. It was as if he were built for this role. 

Later in 2021, he starred in Lace as Othello Charles. He appeared in 6 episodes of the show. He also played the role of Jacobi in Tyler Perry’s Sistas. 

Skyh Alvester Black has played the role of Jesse in the 2023 film Stranger Next Door. 

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Skyh Alvester Black the Person

Apart from acting and dancing, Black is known for his philanthropy. He is a spokesperson for the black community in the US and has often spoken about the struggles of being black in the USA.

How old is Skyh Alvester Black?

Black was born on February 16, 1988. That makes him 35 years old in 2023. You can safely say that he’s in his prime and will be there for a while.

Who is Skyh Alvester Black’s wife?

Skyh Alvester Black is engaged to Sista’s co-star, KJ Smith.

What is Skyh Alvester Black’s height?

At 5 feet 11 inches, Skyh Alvester Black’s height is above average.

What is Skyh Alvester Black’s net worth?

The “All the Queen’s Men” star has amassed a net worth of between $3 and $4 million. As he has just started his journey in the big leagues of the entertainment world, we can expect him to have a much bigger net worth in the coming years. 

Wrapping up

Skyh Alvester Black’s life is a lesson in passion and self-belief. He dug his feet in when the winds blew hard, kept faith in his abilities, and went on to build a life based solely on merit. He is an inspiration.

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