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Steve-O Net Worth: How Wealthy is the Comedian in 2024?

Steve-O Net Worth: How Wealthy is the Comedian in 2022?

The Jackass movies made Steve-O famous for his hysterical stunts, but he has since become a well-known comedian, screenwriter, TV personality, and stunt performer in Britain and America. With a net worth of $4 million, Steve-O is also recognized for his music career and stand-up comedy roles. In addition to being in several films, he has appeared as a character in multiple video games.

Who is Steve-O?

Even though he is now an American, Steve-O was born in London, England. His full name at birth was Stephen Gilchrist Glover, and he was born on June 13th, 1974. Interestingly enough, his mother is Canadian, while his father can trace his roots back to both England and America.

Steve-O’s father used to work for Pepsi-Cola before the family decided to move abroad to England. However, shortly after they’d settled there, his father got promoted to president of Pepsi-Cola in South America, so they had no choice but to follow him down south.

Steve-O Net Worth: How Wealthy is the Comedian in 2022?

Steve-O Net Worth in 2022

As of November 2022, Steve-O’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping USD 4 million. This is especially notable because he is one of the greatest comedians today. For over 10 years now, he has been working alongside Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the Jackass crew.

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Steve-O Wiki

Steve-O Real NameStephen Gilchrist Glover
Steve-O Net Worth 2024$4 Million USD
Steve-O ProfessionComedian, Screenwriter, Stunt performer, Radio Personality, Producer, and More 
Steve-O SalaryNot Known
Steve-O AssetsReal Estate, Cars
Steve-O Age49 Years
Steve-O Birthday13.06.1974
Steve-O Height1.77m
Steve-O Weight161 lbs
Steve-O FamilyTed Glover (Father)Donna Gay Glover (Mother)Cindy Glover (Sister)
Steve-O WifeBrittany Mcgraw (2006 – 2008)

Steve-O Early life

As Stephen Glover was growing up, his family moved around a lot. Consequently, he had the opportunity to experience various cultures first-hand. For example, when they relocated to Brazil shortly after he was born, Stephen learned Portuguese. A couple of years later, when they went to Venezuela, Stephen added Spanish to his linguistic repertoire and became proficient in the language during their six-year stay there. Miami was where they finally settled down in America.

The family only stayed in each place for three years before moving again. However, after he was born in England, they went off to Ontario, Canada, for a year. Eventually, they returned and settled down in London, where he attended an English high school without worrying about another move—spending four welcome years there!

Although Steve-O attended the University of Miami after high school, he soon found that his passion didn’t lie there and decided to leave. Steve-O went to clown school for 3 years, but he left to follow his dream of filming stunts.

Steve-O Net Worth: How Wealthy is the Comedian in 2022?

Steve-O Career

He regularly sent tapes of his stunts to Big Brother before Jackass. Unknown to Steve-O at the time, the tapes he made ended up in Jeff Tremaine’s hands. Tremaine later went on to become the director of Jackass and saw potential in Steve-O. He recruited him for the show, which aired successfully for three seasons in 2000, making Steve-O a fan favourite quickly.

The origins of Jackass lie in the activities of other famous Jackassess, for example, Bam Margera (professional skateboarder). Bam began to film his family life, where he pulled several pranks on the family members and performed various stunts. All of this took place in the year 1999, along with the release of Camp Kill Yourself (CKY). Another person who was involved in this venture was Johnny Knoxville, who came up with the Jackass format. He was seen frequently testing self-defence weapons on himself.

Steve-O’s first solo DVD was “Don’t Try This at Home,” which came out in 2001. Right after, he started appearing on the Jackass spin-off series Wildboyz with Chris Pontius. They went to different parts of the world on this show, experienced various cultures, and interacted with numerous wild animals as part of the program. With good ratings, the show became successful.

Steve-O was not only the star of Dr. Steve-O, but he was also the creator. The show’s goal was to make its various guests tougher and less afraid to take risks. He also tried to make his guests “cool.”

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Steve-O’s Stand-Up Career

In the year 2010, Steve-O began to work as a stand-up comedian. He toured the USA the same year, doing several shows. In the following year, Steve-O did his second USA tour, which was, once again, a massive hit. After these two tours, Steve-O did stand-up in Australia. In the year 2016, Steve-O released his first comedy special.


How tall is Steve-O?

Steve-O is 1.77 meters tall.

How old is Steve-O?

Steve-O is 49 years old.

What is the net worth of Steve-O?

The net worth of Steve-O is USD 4 million.

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