Taking a Quick Break from Daily Tasks

Taking a Quick Break from Daily Tasksc
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Taking a quick break is essential when it comes to daily tasks. Whether it’s work, home chores, or looking after the kids, we all need some time to ourselves throughout the day. There are numerous reasons for getting away from it all, and even a few minutes can help improve your mood and focus. A few minutes to yourself also has extra benefits that can help your work, such as boosting creativity. More than resting, here’s what you need to know about your breaks.

How Often Should You Stop?

There is often some debate as to how often you should take a break. Some research has revealed interesting ways you can take a break and when you should do it. For example, concentration and focus are recharged with a break every 52 minutes. And a 20-second break every 20 minutes can be just what you need. How you spend your time is also a vital factor. Playing mobile games such as checkers or chess can help improve focus while at work.

Why Taking a Quick Break is Important

Throughout your day, you can experience a range of emotions and challenges that can drain you. Taking a break helps your mind refocus your efforts and regain control over a situation. This is useful since around 76% of people experience a concerning level of stress at work. Too much stress at work or even at home can impact your overall well-being, reduce productivity, and lead to mental health issues. These can get worse if not addressed, and breaks are a great first step.

The mental health side of things

Working too much or doing too many things is a drain on your mental resources. Breaks help remove most stress and can help alleviate it altogether if there are no other external pressures. This can lead to better job satisfaction and help you become more focused on the tasks at hand. As a result, anxiety in the workplace can be reduced, and the benefits help make your working day a little bit better. Try to fill the time with useful meditation and relaxation sessions.

Improving productivity

When it comes to work, we all want to be as productive as possible. This is more a skill you can learn rather than something you are born with. Time management, knowing how much you can handle, and the right environment all contribute to productivity. However, your mental and physical energy also helps keep productivity high. Without proper breaks, this can come to a grinding halt as your brain and body become fatigued from working too much and more work.

Best Quick Mobile Games 

Taking breaks is vital, and it also helps to fill the time with activities that can compound the resting time. These are activities that make you laugh, rest your mind, or increase focus. Video games are excellent for this, and there are many quick mobile games you can play in minutes.

Typical video games:

  • Angry Birds: a classic physics-based game that is just tons of fun with no commitment.
  • Candy Crush Saga: puzzle game you can play in just one minute or for long sessions.
  • Crossy Road: a modern spin on classic hopper games that actually never ends.

Games for relaxation:

  • Cats and Soup: care for a virtual cat in a forest and help it make soup.
  • Terrarium: take care of virtual plants and watch them grow.
  • Two Dots: a simple yet stimulating matching game with no stress at all.

The convenience of mobile gaming makes it excellent for getting some quick fun in on your breaks. However, you can also download and use various apps to get more out of your break, such as Headspace for meditation and relaxation as part of a daily health monitoring routine.

The Immediate Benefits

You will immediately feel the benefits of taking a break, both mentally and physically. For instance, sitting down after physical labor can help rest your back, arms, and legs. But it is also just as vital to rest your mind to boost your brain and recharge your energy. Without this, there is a risk to how well you can do your job, and at work, this could even be dangerous. At the very least, you will return rested and ready for work, but you could also avoid a tragic accident.

Taking a quick break for creativity or logic

Some jobs are physical, some require string logic skills, and others border more on the creative side. And then there are others that combine all three. Yet one or more can place great strain on your body and mind. Taking a break helps reset your mind, allowing you to approach a task in the correct way or complete something with creative approaches. A foggy mind and an aching body, especially when tired, also lower how fast you can think and reduce mental clarity overall.

Taking a quick break for health and safety

Workplace accidents and incidents are no joke, and you never want to be responsible for causing someone harm at work. Today, around 13% of workplace injuries are the result of fatigue, either from yourself or someone else. It stands to reason that you should always take scheduled breaks if you perform a potentially dangerous job, such as operating heavy machinery or driving. Your boss should also ensure you take breaks for improved health and safety at work.

Should You Exercise?

One of the most asked questions is whether exercising improves energy or helps when on a break. Yes, studies have shown that light exercise actually increases energy levels and helps awaken a tired mind. There are various hormones, such as serotonin, that are released when you exercise. And these can make you more aware and energetic. Fortunately, this is as simple as taking a brisk walk, and it helps even more to do it outside in fresh air and green space.


Mental health and productivity are improved by taking a break at work or at home. Filling the time also helps, and playing motivational or relaxing mobile games can help. And, of course, you can also increase energy levels and restore focus with light exercise, fresh air, and natural space.

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