Tech Trends: Writing Tools for Students

Tech Trends: Writing Tools for Students
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You can’t escape writing in school – there is always a stream of assignments from the beginning to the end of a semester. Examples of the tasks include essays, research papers, dissertations, case studies, and term papers. Every task is important, as the papers are graded to evaluate your mastery of course concepts. Thus, you have to turn in top-quality work to score high marks.

The writing process isn’t always easy – it requires elaborate planning and unmatched creativity. You begin by reading and comprehending the prompt or assignment question. Next, you source relevant content for your paper. You then write, edit, and proofread the piece before you submit it. The process may take a lot of your time. Fortunately, the advancement in technology has made work easier for you. Many digital writing tools are available to help you navigate the complex writing process. The tools come with many advantages, including:

  • They help you write your papers fast.
  • Make writing, editing, and proofreading easy.
  • Make referencing easier.
  • You can submit quality papers.

With a plethora of digital writing tools available, you may not know which ones to use to simplify writing your assignments. But worry not because we’ve compiled the top options to consider.

Digital Academic Research Tools

The quality of any academic paper you write depends on the quality of the content you put in it. Your professor wants to know if you understand your course concepts and how you incorporate external information into your writing matters. Do you often spend much time brainstorming ideas and determining the outline of your paper, and even wonder, “Who can help write my paper for me?” If you do, then it’s time to try the digital tools that are available to help in generating ideas and the research process. 

Note that you should only use these tools to help generate ideas of what to write. It may not be appropriate to copy and paste the generated information into your paper. Instead, it should act like inspiration. Here are the top tools you can use for your research.


You’ve probably heard of this generative AI tool. However, you may not be sure about how to use it in your writing process. First, the tool can help you simplify complex topics into formats you can understand. Insert your prompt and let the tool simplify it for you.

Also, the tool can suggest the content you can include in your paper. For example, you can have a complete outline from the introduction of the essay to the conclusion. You can then use these suggestions to write your paper quickly.

Liner Research Assistant

Manual research takes a lot of time. If the paper’s deadline is fast approaching, you can begin to panic. With Liner, the research process shouldn’t be tiring anymore for you; complete everything in record time and move on to other tasks.

Liner makes your research process seamless. For instance, you can integrate it into your search engines, and it will provide straightforward answers to your queries. Moreover, you can save the content you find from other sources and read it later when you have enough time.


After you find your information sources, you want to create citations and organize your references according to the specific style the professor specifies. It can be tedious to do this manually, but Mendeley can help you organize the references quickly. 

Digital Academic Writing Tools

After finding content for the paper, you have to write like an expert. You need digital document management tools that can make your writing seamless. Examples of the digital tools you can use in this regard include the following.

Google Docs

With Google Docs, your writing process gets simplified more than you can imagine. For instance, you can store the document you create and access it from anywhere you are – the days you’d lose your documents because your computer broke down are over. Google Docs also allows you to share your draft with your professor and classmates and get suggestions on the areas you should improve.


You should always submit top-quality papers that demonstrate in-depth analysis and are within the stipulated word count. QuillBot can help you do that by summarizing the content you’ve written. Also, it has grammar-check capabilities, making it easy for you to create concise academic pieces.


Jasper is another content-generating tool that can make your writing process easy. For example, you can use this tool to generate personal narrative essay pieces. You can then personalize the content before you submit it. With ideas from Jasper, you can write stories that flow seamlessly.

Editing and Proofreading Tools

Tech Trends: Writing Tools for Students
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Before you turn in your paper, you should ensure it is flawless to make it easy for the professor to follow the discussion and comprehend the message. That means you should use the right words and sentence length and ensure you don’t overuse some phrases. So, refining your piece is a critical part of writing. Some fantastic tech tools you can use to refine your document to perfection include the following.


Grammarly helps you to refine your content efficiently. It highlights typographical errors, spelling mistakes, overused words, inappropriate tone, and punctuation issues. As it points out these mistakes, it also suggests how you can correct them. So, it’s the tool you should use to ensure you submit a flawless paper.


Hemingway helps you to spot complex sentences that can make your writing difficult to understand. It then suggests the edits you should make – either simplifying the sentence or breaking it up. Besides, the tool gives your writing a readability score depending on your target audience.

Power Thesaurus

At times, it isn’t easy to come up with the right words to use to communicate your message clearly. You don’t have to overthink it – Power Thesaurus can help you with the words to use for every situation. Don’t let exciting words escape you; use this tool and simplify your writing process.

Closing Remarks

Writing doesn’t have to be challenging and boring for students – digital tools are available to simplify your work. They can assist you from researching to polishing the paper. Choose the right tool, have a seamless writing process, and submit winning papers.

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