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The 12 Hottest Female Boxers of All Time

The 12 Hottest Female Boxers of All Time

There were a lot of hottest female boxers throughout the previous era who questioned what it meant to be a woman. However, those women have disproved conventional notions of gender as well as physical strength, shattering long-standing barriers. 

Women are starting to take the lead in professional boxing as well as other well-attended athletic events like taekwondo (or MMA) or mixed-gender fighting sports like boxing and judo. Outstanding female boxers have made their mark on the world of boxing throughout history. However, female fighters are beginning to emerge in the modern boxing scene.

You’re totally incorrect if you think boxing ladies are not the utmost feminine or gorgeous. We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 hottest female boxers in the world below. We’ll go through it now.

Leading Most Gorgeous Female Boxers

From continuous punches to pinfalls, stamina, agility, quickness, tenacity, competitions, etc., such female boxers are equipped with everything.

The globe’s best-looking female boxers are listed below:

1. Lauryn Eagle

Lauryn Eagle Hottest Female Boxer

Australian skilled boxer and well-known snowboarder Lauryn Eagle was born around December 11, 1987. Whenever Lauryn defeated the Thai competitor Kiangsak Sithsaithong and earned the WBF lightweight championship in 2012, the entire world of women’s boxing was familiar with her face.

Earlier in 2013, Eagle successfully took home the lightweight position in Australia. Moreover, at 17, this stunning girl also earned the Miss Teenager International title in 2004.

2. Marlen Esparza

Marlen Esparza Hottest Female Boxer

Marlen Esparza, a professional boxer who originates from Houston, Texas, and is both a gold and bronze medalist, is a global champion. Despite being among the smallest female boxers at only 5’3″, she possesses an incredible physique and prominent muscles to display. Outside of boxing games, her charm is fascinating.

3. Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor Hottest Female Boxer

The most well-known professional boxer from Ireland would be Katie Taylor, who is perhaps better known to the general public than most other male boxers. However, you would never guess from listening to her in discussions conducted outside of her ring that she was such a strong fighter with a successful career. Millions of followers have fallen in love with her because of her sweet smile and gentle Irish accent.

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4. Ava Knight

Ava Knight Hottest Female Boxer

Ava is indeed a skilled boxer from Chico, California, and she has a gorgeous dark skin tone. She is just a mixed martial practitioner in addition to being a major contender in women’s boxing. She could certainly be on the covers of magazines due to her stunning figure and winning smile.

5. Ina Menzer

Ina Menzer Hottest Female Boxer

Ina earns a spot on our list since she can be another of those boxers with the best innocent appearance on the competitive level. She was born in Kazakhstan; however, she now holds German citizenship.

She has a large list of victories under her belt, and the International Boxing Council named her Fighter of the Year. Ina has also begun to participate in sensual picture shoots, elevating her towards the status of another of Europe’s sexiest boxers.

6. Mariana Juarez

Mariana Juarez Hottest Female Boxer

In her lengthy and distinguished career, Mexican fighter Mariana has held several titles, including the flyweight crown from 2011 through 2012 and the bantamweight crown from 2017 through 2020. 

7. Monica Henao

Monica Henao Hottest Female Boxer

Monica Henao from Columbia is a gorgeous model who mesmerises people with her stunning physique. She is indeed a Colombian supermodel and an expert boxer. Monica enjoys bringing women to fight and spreading the notion that boxing is just a sport appropriate for all genders.

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8. Cecilia Braekhus

Cecilia Braekhus Hottest Female Boxer

Born near Columbia, Cecilia is indeed a famous Muay Thai, as well as a female boxer from Norway. As a result, she is a very attractive woman who has competed for several world titles and has another of the greatest recognized careers. In addition to her excellent performance, what keeps viewers riveted on television is her stunning smile and beautiful figure.

9. Ana Julaton

Ana Julaton Hottest Female Boxer

San Francisco, Californian fighter and martial artist Ana competes internationally. She has the IBA and Women’s WBO Ultra Bantamweight belts, making her the first female to do so. But the things that draw men to her are her physical prowess and her black eyes.

10. Yesica Bopp

Yesica Bopp Hottest Female Boxer

The first female fighting champion originates from Argentina, as well as she would be a blond beauty with a history of almost 40 percent KO victories. Yesica was the two-weight global champion. Additionally, she is becoming more and more well-liked in magazine picture shoots. Which she isn’t hesitant to flaunt her incredible figure.

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11. Avril Mathie

Avril Mathie Hottest Female Boxer

Australian-born Avril Mathie possesses a significant fanbase on Instagram despite not having a similar professional track record as several female boxers.

12. Amanda Serrano

Amanda Serrano Hottest Female Boxer

In less than 10 years, Amanda set a record by winning nine major championships. As the greatest successful beauty from Puerto Rico and perhaps the sport’s strongest athletic figure, she has won seven different categories.


While boxing is generally thought of as a man’s game, these athletic women are now shattering stereotypes thanks to their speed, tenacity, and strength. Only twelve of the hottest female boxers have been highlighted here. There are many more budding talents with fresh skills and aspirations who are prepared to smash their path to glory.

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