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Top 12 Hottest K-Pop Female Rappers

Top 12 Hottest K-Pop Female Rappers

Would you like to discover which K-pop groups have the loveliest female rap artists? If so, check out our collection of the top 12 hottest K-pop female rappers.

The newest sensations, as well as the most popular subjects on the web right now, are K-pop songs and musicians. Typically, male K-pop singers were well-known for their rap songs, but in recent years, some stunning and attractive female K-pop superstars have changed the game. 

The top 12 hottest K-pop female rappers are listed below.


Shin Ji-min Hottest K-Pop Female Rapper

The lead rapper of this AOA Korean band was the stunning Korean-born Shin Ji-min, better known by her stage name Jimin. Jimin’s passion for mastering the classical guitar, piano, and harmonica demonstrates her early interest in the professional music business. She started in 2012 with the Korean AOA group and performed throughout the K-pop, hip-hop, and rhythm and blues genres. This attractive Korean vocalist gave several solo performances.


Kim Ye-rim Hottest K-Pop Female Rapper

The Southern Korean-born songwriter, rapper, and performer is known professionally as Yeri. Her actual name is Kim Ye-rim. The bright, attractive K-pop female rap artist completed her training with SM Media for four years before joining the Red Velvet team around 2015. In addition to making her acting as well as singing debuts in 2020, she also promoted COLLETE or even APRIL SKIN Korea.


Ryujin Hottest K-Pop Female Rapper

Ryujin is one of the sexiest female rappers in K-pop. Within this chart of the top 12 hottest K-pop female rappers, Ryujin is ranked 3rd. She participates within the ITZY band as a dancer, performer, and sub-vocalist. Yet, she performed in the movie “The King” in 2017 before going on to make her ITZY debut in 2019.

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Kim Hyun-ah Hottest K-Pop Female Rapper

Kim Hyun-ah, also known as Hyuna, is a rapper. She performs as a supermodel, singer, composer, and attractive female rapper in K-pop. She was born near Seoul, Southern Korea, on June 6, 1992. Hyuna started her K-pop debut around 2007 under Korean JYP Entertainment with the female band Wonder Girls. She later quit this K-pop band and entered Cube Entertainment’s 4Minute, some other girl band.


Yeeun Hottest K-Pop Female Rapper

Yeeun, who was born around August 1998, would be the mononym of the Southern Korean rap artist Jang Ye-Eun. This stunning Korean rapper and singer entered this K-pop scene after being moved by the track “Girl’s Generation.” Yeeun, the CLC group’s main rapper, has previously participated in a variety of dance-related events. Yeeun was then declared to be the primary rap artist of the new CLC group in 2015. In addition to producing multiple solo songs, the performer has consistently participated since their initial CLC debut.


Moonbyul Hottest K-Pop Female Rapper

Another K-pop performer under RBW, Moobbyul, performs as a vocalist, rapper, composer, and radio presenter. Moonbyul became a Korean band member of Mamamoo in 2014. In 2018, she made her solo stage debut with the digital song “Selfish.” In addition to radio performances, the gifted musician has appeared in online series and TV programs.


Soyeon Hottest K-Pop Female Rapper

Soyeon is the stage name for female K-pop artist Jeon So-Yeon. This most attractive K-pop rapper sings, produces records, and writes songs. She learned about ballerinas and took first place in several events. The dynamic performer started her career around 2016, when she enrolled as a learner with Cube Entertainment. Both the 2017 Hallyu Hip-Hop Culture Award as well as the 2020 Game Audio Network Guild Award were given to the musician.

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Bae Joo-hyun Hottest K-Pop Female Rapper

Along with being the queen of the Korean film business, Irene is primarily a vocalist. She was the leader and founder of Red Velvet in 2014. In addition to movies and anchoring, she has performed individually in several events since 2015. Rapping throughout the Korean entertainment business helped the star have 8.9 million followers and become well-known.


Jennie Kim Hottest K-Pop Female Rapper

Jennie Kim must be included in our list of the top 12 hottest K-pop female rappers. She joined Blackpink as a result of her interest in the K-pop scene. Jennie’s career continued to soar in 2016 with the release of Black Pink’s Square One record. The brilliant individual received several honours for her efforts, such as the Mnet Asian Music Awards and the Gaon Chart Music Awards.


Lalisa Manobal Hottest K-Pop Female Rapper

Currently, in 2024, Lalisa, another of the biggest and best-known K-pop stars, will be the trendiest K-pop female rap artist. She is a Southern Korean-based vocalist and dancer as well. Her childhood attempts at singing, as well as dancing, gave her the chance to succeed on major stages. Lisa joined the K-pop ladies’ band Black Pink in 2016. Additionally, Lisa’s debut solo project, Lalisa, had been a huge musical success. She is ranked in the 2nd position in our list of the Top 12 Successful & Most Popular K-pop Idols.


Ahn Hye-jin Hottest K-Pop Female Rapper

One more Mamamoo singer, the one and only Hwasa, reached this list of the top 12 hottest K-pop female rappers. Just like Lisa, she seems to be the group’s youngest member, but unlike Lisa, she isn’t Mamamoo’s primary rapper, which only serves to highlight how much her admirers like her rhythm and style.

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DAMI Hottest K-Pop Female Rapper

We like a woman with many skills! Dami isn’t only the band’s primary rap artist, but also a star dancer and backup vocalist. She received 30,802 total upvotes during the internet survey, moving her up to 12th position.


As with each era, music ultimately becomes out of date. The top rappers around the globe could not be the world’s best someday. Rap, on the other hand, is an exception for a lot of people. As a consequence, ranking the top 12 hottest K-pop female rappers around the globe is challenging. However, this is our ranking of the top rap artists in the K-pop industry. We hope you’re able to locate your preferred ones here.

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