The 4 Types of Twitter Retweets That You Can Buy

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Want to enhance your engagement rate on Twitter and increase the overall reach to make your posts extremely popular? Focus on retweets because the more people share your tweet, the more eyes will be on your post. To get more retweets, you can use more colorful images, charts, and mini-infographics. Be real in your posts and add relevant content that is useful in social media because users prefer retweeting only super useful posts with their friends.

Another alternative is to buy Twitter retweets which will quickly pass your voice through infinite shares and retweets. This will be the correct way to picture yourself as the leading sensation on Twitter. But, before you buy retweets, it is significant to understand what different types of Twitter retweets are and which one you must buy.

Here are 4 popular types of Twitter retweets that users are more willing to purchase and use to gain more engagement and more clicks.

1.       Native Retweet Button of Twitter

Available at the bottom of the tweet, the native retweet button of Twitter can be used to retweet any tweet quickly. Using this option will help you in providing full credit to the original person who tweeted that post initially. However, retweeting using this button would not promote user engagement because followers don’t relate it with you. They will see the avatar of the original tweepin their stream.

All the favorites and retweets will be counted toward the main tweet. Just because the original tweet and avatar of that individual will be shown to your followers, it will act as an overview of that specific brand or an individual to your followers.

Moreover, using this button to retweet your content will assist you in ensuring that you are not accidentally stealing the control of someone over their timeline. Note that people will never see your retweeted content (tweeted using the retweet button) when they turn off your retweets. Your followers couldn’t instantly identify if the tweet came from you while scanning the tweets in their feed.

The retweet button will not allow you to add any comment to a tweet. In addition, those tweets have a date stamp so retweeted posts will appear as old content. Avoid excessive use of this button if leadership is more significant for you because it will create some distance between your followers.

2.       The ‘Via’ Retweet

Retweet happens after adding ‘via’ and a username to the last of a particular tweet is known as via retweet. Such retweets occur for providing credit to an individual who originally brought attention to a specific content. Using the ‘via’ is extremely helpful for social media leaders or influencers who create a huge amount of content on Twitter and invested plenty of quality time creating and improving their personal brands.

These sorts of people mostly use the retweet button whenever they tweet the content or post available on Twitter. But, there is a major problem associated with using this button. It would modify the whole complexion of their timelines. As a result of this, they would appear as a follower rather than a social media leader.

This problem is resolved using the ‘via’ retweet that helps in perfectly balancing it and keeping control of their timelines. It will help you in crediting over one username for the content. The only drawback is that an individual who uses this type of retweet receives credit for the retweets and favorites. This is offensive to some people.

3.       Twitter Quotes Retweet

Unlike the native retweet button, this type of retweet allows all your followers to see the tweet. Quote Retweet will enable you to link to the original tweet that you are sharing. Moreover, you have the option to add comments to the retweet with some extra URLs and text, separate from your shared content. This retweet is widely used after the Twitter iOS app launched it as an effective retweet option many years ago.

This Twitter retweet option will bring you more engagement and better response from those who you’re retweeting over the standard Twitter Retweet. This will happen when you are using the Twitter phone app or native Twitter.com.

Users you RT can receive a notification of the mention on their native Twitter apps and reply to retweet mention easily. The text length of a quote retweet can go up to 140 characters apart from the post you are sharing. Also, the pictures included in the main post are carried through to the retweet.

Some people find using quotes to retweet a little awkward. The use of HT and other symbols that are unknown to tweeps could possibly confuse people. It can be confusing for non-professional Twitter users how to retweet their posts or content using this type of retweet option. This may even weaken the motive of that tweet. Furthermore, it is not added to third-party app stats and Twitter.

4.       RT/Old School

You might be familiar with this type of Retweet if you are already using a 3rd party social media dashboard like Hootsuite or TweetDeck. As the name suggests, this is the old-school retweet made standard by Twitter users to get a higher response and engagement from an individual being rated. Images included in the real post are carried through to the RT.

The text of the retweeted post can be simply edited by you to add commentary. Whenever you RT this way, the mentioned users will be notified. The re-tweeted users can even reply to Old School Retweet mentions simply. They also show mention on native Twitter apps as well as 3rd-party apps. The major disadvantage of this type of Twitter Retweets is that keeping the retweeted post under 140 characters can be difficult.

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