The Basic Job Duties of a Video Production Team

The Basic Job Duties of a Video Production Team

A video production team’s job can seem simple on the surface – produce videos. Not so fast! There are many moving parts to this creative industry, which means that your project has to be managed and coordinated with precision if you want it to come out well. 

Read on to learn more about a video production team’s basic job duties and how they can benefit your organization’s overall success!


Although video production encompasses a broad range of skills, all projects start with research. Whether you’re producing an explainer video for your company or a music video for your favorite band, you have to learn everything you can about what they do and how they do it. 

What are their industry standards? Do they have any special equipment? How long should it be? Who are their competitors? Your research determines how much time you need and what kind of crew will be required.


The pre-production phase can last anywhere from a few days to several months, depending on what you’re planning on filming. It is when your video production team will develop storyboards and work through any potential problems. It’s crucial that everyone is on board with ideas and understands their role, or else things might not go as smoothly once filming begins.


When shooting for professionals or big companies, it is important to get people who know what they are doing. It takes more than just pointing and clicking on someone’s Facebook page. 

A recruiter will be able to tell you about the experience, qualifications, and availability of each person being considered for your shoot and ensure that your video is put together well by competent hands.


The first part of creating a video is coming up with an idea or script. With so many moving parts, it’s important to be thorough when outlining your video concept and getting everyone on board. The easiest way to get started? 

A great tool for small businesses is Celtx, which offers templates, video samples, and more. It’s completely free and easy to use!


The basic job duties of any video production team are directly related to scheduling. Depending on what type of video they’re working on, it could be as simple as sending out an email or making a phone call. But in some cases, it might require planning, coordinating, and monitoring when certain events happen to ensure they don’t miss anything important. How do you know if you have a high-level video production team?


The director is responsible for ensuring that all of the elements in a video project come together to tell a compelling story. During production, directors will communicate their vision for shots and action, instruct actors, and work with lighting crews to ensure that all shots are appropriate. 


Having a good understanding of what your business does is as important as having expertise in your industry. You can provide an insider’s perspective to readers by introducing them to all aspects of the video production company Los angeles and explaining why they matter. 

With some research and diligence, you can help potential customers make more informed decisions when it comes time to hire a video production team.

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