The Best Online Platform to Convert PDF to Excel

The Best Online Platform to Convert PDF to Excel

As a student, you probably can’t get rid of handling digital files because it is now an essential part of the online learning setup. When submitting requirements to your professor, you no longer have to print the document. You just directly send the PDF through the online platform of the class. Instead of buying an academic book that can cost less than a hundred dollars, you just search for it online and download its soft copy.

PDF can only do so much when it comes to manipulating documents because of its limitations and restrictions. For instance, you can’t make changes even if it contained a financial statement with several discrepancies. It is either you let it be or you do something about it. You can solve this problem with PDFBear’s converter tool. If you don’t have an idea how the process looks, then keep on reading.

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is an online PDF to Excel converter that you can access anytime and anywhere you are. It exists to address the need of people for a tool that can conveniently turn their documents from one file format to another. It is a versatile tool because it can perform more than twenty functions other than converting files which can boost your efficiency and productivity. You can start converting PDF to Excel in just a matter of minutes. 

Quick conversion process

Since you are a student, you are probably on the lookout for an online tool that can provide you the converted Excel file without consuming much of your time. Well, use PDFBear instead of applications and software. Its interface is straightforward and simplified so you can finish the conversion process instantly without it compromising the quality of your documents. The waiting time ranges from seconds to minutes depending on the stability of your internet. Rest assured that the more stable the connection is, the faster the process. 

Free file conversions

If you lack the resources to purchase a well-functioning application and software, then PDFBear is a great alternative. Aside from its high functionality, it also offers its services for free. It means that you can access the website without availing yourself of any subscription plans. It is very helpful for students, just like you, who might not have a source of income yet. Despite not requiring its users to pay, it performs decently compared to other online tools. 

Accurate output

Are you having second thoughts on using PDFBear because it might make the content blurry or pixelated? Know that this concern is valid but give the website a chance to prove how accurate it is. A lot of people can attest that the Excel file that it will produce will not contain a lower resolution and any formatting issues. It promises to provide a converted document free from any kind of flaws and errors. All the data would be on their designated columns. The reason behind its high accuracy is due to its partnership with Solid documents which offers the best conversion for PDF to Excel. 

Accessible on all platforms

The majority of its users know that the website is universally available to anyone because of its high accessibility. It can run smoothly in almost all operating systems and platforms. You may convert PDF to Excel even if you are using Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Linux, or Mac. You will not encounter any inconveniences if you choose to use the website using your smartphone. It will still function as accurately and as fast as possible.

Secures all uploaded documents

It is unnecessary to feel scared when using the website because it has SSL encryption. SSL or the Secure Socket Layers is a form of standard technology that protects and secures internet browsers from a data breach. It prevents malware, viruses, and unauthorized persons from accessing your uploaded documents. Aside from this, it also features 60-minute security privacy wherein you are only given an hour to download your file. It will permanently delete it from the server after the said time frame.

Steps in converting PDF to Excel

PDFBear features a PDF to Excel converter tool that requires only four easy steps. First is that you need to select the file you want to convert and import it on the website. If you are using a laptop, you may opt to use the drag and drop option to upload the PDF. Once the file is on the server, the converter will immediately start the process. It will typically last for only a few minutes. When the Excel file appears on your screen, it means that it is already available for download. 

What is Microsoft Excel?

From the name itself, you can easily conclude that Microsoft created this software program. It has numerous spreadsheets that you can use to make your data more organized. The company launched its first version on September 30, 1985, which is more than three decades ago. It released the latest version just this April 13. For you to have this on your device, you have to download or buy the complete Microsoft Office Suite. It is a package that includes all official applications, such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, and Publisher.

Features of Microsoft Excel

If you are a student taking up a Math-related course, you probably can’t survive without Microsoft Excel. It is only the file format that will allow you to solve basic mathematical problems in an instant without the use of a calculator. For higher levels of computation, you can use its function library that features financial, logical, and text filtration formulas. To get the answer, you just have to input the formula in the designated cell box and press enter. Besides that, it also plays a vital role in interpreting and presenting the information. You can freely use any type of diagram, graphs, and tables to make the content easy to understand. With all of these features and functionalities, it is a must-have in your daily life as a student.


Converting documents using PDFBear has a lot of benefits. It is free, accurate, accessible, and safe to use, so what more will you wish for? Stop contemplating whether or not to utilize its converter tool. Visit its website to have a first-hand experience of all the things it can offer!

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