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The Business of Crime: How Much is Big Meech Net Worth?

The Business of Crime: How Much is Big Meech’s Net Worth?
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Every other day there is news of drug peddlers being arrested in the United States. In the case of Big Meech, who is sentenced to 30 years in prison, the valuations could be mind-boggling! Demetrius Edward Flenory, popularly known as Big Meech, is a high-level drug peddler and is one of the founding members of the Black Mafia Family, a drug trafficking and money laundering organisation. Established in the late 1980s, the Black Mafia Family grew into one of the most influential drug trafficking organisations in the United States. With a lot of running business, came a lot of money. Meanwhile, in this article, get to know the updated net worth of Big Meech.

Big Meech Net Worth

As of 2023, Big Meech has an updated net worth of $500 thousand. Although, initially, Big Meech had a staggering net worth of $100 million. Nevertheless, soon after his eviction, his net worth fell to $500 thousand.

NameDemetrius Edward Flenory aka Big Meech
Net Worth (2023)$500 thousand
ProfessionDrug Peddler
Monthly Income And Salary$1,60,000
Yearly Income$2 million (Approximately)
Last UpdateSep 2023

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Big Meech’s Career

Early Life and Family

  • Big Meech was born on June 21 1968 (age 55 years; as of 2023) in Michigan, United States. His father, Charles, died in 2017, while his mother’s name is Lucille Flenory. Besides, he has a brother named Terry Lee “Southwest T” Flenory.
  • He started his career as a drug peddler while still in school. Meanwhile, he started the illegal venture with his younger brother. Throughout his childhood, Big Meech was extensively involved in several illicit activities, mainly under his record-level BMF Entertainment.
  • In 1989, Big Meech Song with his family ventured into the Big drug business and started the Black Mafia Family.
  • Soon after the foundation, significant alliances were formed. Meanwhile, the Black Mafia Family had two main centres which were based in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Known for their Lavish Lifestyle

Although we don’t have exact stats about all the expensive things owned by Big Meech and their family, he had built an entire empire by selling drugs. Meanwhile, this included 13 multi-million dollar mansions, the most recent luxury car fleets at their disposal, a direct line to limitless amounts of jewellery from world-renowned trader Jacob The Jeweller, and an expensive wardrobe.

The Detention of Big Meech

  • In 2007, Big Meech along with his brother pleaded guilty to running a high-level drug organisation.
  • The next year, in 2008, both were sentenced to 30 years in prison for running a nationwide cocaine trafficking ring.
  • Currently, Demetrius Edward Flenory aka Big Meech is serving his prison tenure at Federal Correctional Institution, Sheridan and is scheduled to be released by 2028.

Is Big Meech Married?

As of 2023, Big Meech is unmarried. Big Meech had a son from his rumoured long-term girlfriend Latarra Eutsey. Whereas, other sources confirm that Big Meech was dating Sabrina Peterson. However, none of them was confirmed about Big Meech itself.

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Do You Know These Lesser Known Facts About Big Meech?

  • According to Big Meech, poverty forced the family to jump into the drug business. Initially, they faced major financial constraints owing to which his brother started selling medicine.
  • While establishing the Black Mafia Family, Big Meech and his brother faced several threats to their life. Meanwhile, Big Meech was shot and wounded in two different wars.
  • In the early 2000s, Demetrius Flenory founded BMF Entertainment. Additionally, the Flenory brothers had previously been linked to a number of high-profile hip-hop artists, including Diddy, Trina, T.I., Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and Fabolous.
  • Big Meech was prominent among the celebrities for organising outlandish and sensual events. Not only this but many renowned celebrities used to actively take part in the events
  • Many renowned celebrities and musicians had close ties with the Black Mafia Family.
  • Reportedly, when the Mafia brothers were arrested, the empire was worth $270 million dollars. However, it was demolished soon after their arrest. Additionally, they pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 3 years in prison.

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