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The Devil’s Hour Season 2: What Are The Release Dates?

The Devil’s Hour Season 2: What Are The Release Dates?
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With a Rotten Tomatoes of 95 per cent, The Devil’s Hour amassed a million viewerships in weeks while upgrading fans’s expectations for a season 2. The article informs about the potential updates for a second season of The Devil’s Hour including its release dates, cast, and trailer. It also includes a potential plot and season 3 updates for The Devil’s Hour.

A British drama thriller television series, The Devil’s Hour, follows the story of Lucy Chambers, a social worker dealing with family and relationships. Debuted on October 28, 2022, The Devil’s Hour picked up an early anticipation for a second season for fans. While The Devil’s Hour Season 2 is in talks, here’s all you need to know about the series.

About The Devil’s Hour

The Devil’s Hour is a British drama thriller television series, which stars Jessica Raine as its lead cast. Following the story of a social worker suffering from social and economic woes, the television series is created by Tom Moran and executive produced by Steven Moffat in collaboration with his production company, Hardwoods Films. The Devil’s Hour premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

Name of The SeriesThe Devil’s Hour
Original LanguageEnglish
Debuted OnOctober 28, 2022
Number of SeasonsOne
Streaming NetworkAmazon Prime

Will There Be The Devil’s Hour Season 2?

Following a successful debut season, The Devil’s Hour was renewed for season 2 and season 3 in November 2022. Meanwhile, it was Jessica Raine, the lead cast of the series, who confirmed about the trilogy. In an interview with a media house, she expressed her gratitude for renewal and said,

When I took the job, what was so attractive to me was that the whole of the first season was written when we started that first day of shooting, so I knew exactly where it was going. I also knew that he [writer Tom Moran] had a season 2 and a season 3 planned out.

The Devil’s Hour Season 2: What Are The Release Dates?
Image: Prime Video

What are the release dates of The Devil’s Hour Season 2?

Although the British thriller series received an early renewal, the release dates of The Devil’s Hour Season 2 are not confirmed. While it was expected that a second instalment of The Devil’s Hour would be released anytime before 2023, the WGA screenwriter’s strike is likely to be the reason behind the delay. Not only this but an article by JoBlo confirmed that the second season will commence its filming in early 2023. Dan Grabiner, the Amazon’s original head of the UK, expressed his excitement for the forthcoming release in an interview with JoBlo. His statement read,

We’re thrilled with the audience response to The Devil’s Hour, and can’t wait to share the next chapter of this mind-bending story. Fans can look forward to plenty more twists and turns in this remarkable tale from first-time series creator Tom Moran, and welcoming back our immensely talented cast, led by Jessica Raine and Peter Capaldi.

As of May 2024, there are no release dates for the second season of The Devil’s Hour. Hence, it is expected that the anticipated series will make its debut in 2025.

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Who is in the cast of The Devil’s Hour Season 2?

While an official list of the cast is awaited by The Devil’s Hour’s enthusiasts, several sources have revealed a potential cast. It includes,

  • Jessica Raine as Lucy Chambers, a social worker suffering from insomnia
  • Peter Capaldi as Gideon Shepherd, a mysterious criminal who “remembers” the future.
  • Nikesh Patel as DI Ravi Dhillon, a detective with haemophobia
  • Alex Ferns as DS Nick Holness, Dhillon’s partner and colleague
  • Meera Syal as Dr Ruby Bennett, a child psychologist treating Isaac
  • Barbara Marten as Sylvia Chambers, Lucy’s mother who suffers from dementia and schizophrenia
  • Phil Dunster as Mike Stevens, Lucy’s estranged husband and Isaac’s father
  • Benjamin Chivers as Isaac Stevens, Lucy and Mike’s emotionally troubled son
  • Brandon Bendell as Aiden Stenner, a troubled teen

Is there a trailer for The Devil’s Hour Season 2?

No, there are no trailers or related footage for the forthcoming season of The Devil’s Hour. While the expected premiere year for the season is 2025, The Devil’s Hour Season 2’s trailer can be witnessed by fans in Christmas or the first quarter of 2025.

Source: Prime Video

What is the plot for The Devil’s Hour Season 2?

Since the series is in its production phase, there is no revealed plot for The Devil’s Hour Season 2. However, according to the crew, a second season will solve the cliffhangers of the previous season. Meanwhile, the synopsis for The Devil’s Hour read,

Lucy (Raine), who is woken every night by terrifying visions at exactly 3.33 am: the devil’s hour. Her eight-year-old son is withdrawn and emotionless. Her mother speaks to empty chairs. Her house is haunted by the echoes of a life that isn’t her own. When Lucy’s name is inexplicably connected to a string of brutal murders in the area, the answers that have evaded her all these years will finally come into focus. Capaldi plays a reclusive nomad, driven by a murderous obsession. He becomes the prime target of a police manhunt led by compassionate detective Ravi Dhillon.

Will There Be The Devil’s Hour Season 3?

The creators, during the series’ renewal for the second season, also gave a positive update for The Devil’s Hour Season 3. A media source confirmed that the third season started its filming in 2024.

Where Can We Watch The Devil’s Hour Season 2?

With the original network being Amazon Prime Video, The Devil’s Hour Season 2 will be available to watch on two streaming giants, Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

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