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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Shares First Teaser

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Shares First Teaser

After binge-watching all the 3 seasons of The Dragon Prince, you all might be wondering when season 4 of the dragon prince will come out? To know everything about the release date and the plot, keep reading further.

Netflix’s favorite animated series, The Dragon Prince is all ready for a new season and we received a sneak peek of this during Netflix’s Geeked Week Event. It is a  Netflix series created by Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz.

The Dragon Prince season 3 hit Netflix back in 2019 and you all know how popular it became within a short time. Though the wait for season 4 is still not over there is so much more of this show to come. The Dragon Prince will return for Seasons 5, 6, and 7 each with 9 episodes. It will be an amazing show.

The season of this series came out in 2018, the second one is in 2019, and the third one in 2019 as well. Maybe due to covid the fourth season it is taking so much time to get released.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Shares First Teaser

Dragon Prince Plot for Season 4

Firstly, The Dragon Prince Season 4 also known as Book 4: Earth will answer many questions including Who is Aaravos? What is his purpose? and how will our heroes stop him?

Although the dragon prince season 4 release date is not yet out, the creator did give us some hints for the show. There will be more conflicts between dragons and humans. The story will revolve around Xadia and the expansion of his kingdom. The battle between the humans and the magical creatures remained unended, so it might come to an end. Fans will see the relationship between Rayla, of the Dragon Prince and Callum bloom to a great extent in the next season. Callum, however, will continue to grow his strength and powers. You can expect to see a face-off between Callum and Viren or Callum and Claudia. The battle will be epic filled with more magic and thrill.

Also, it is possible that the creature hatching from the cocoon can be a threat to the powerful dragons. But, one thing is sure Claudia, Aaravos, and Viren are still in danger. Ezran, with his ability to be able to talk to animals, will keep maintaining peace between the humans, elves, and dragons.

Additionally, a new character called Karim, a sunflower elf will be present in the new season.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Shares First Teaser

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Cast

The cast of this show will include many characters from the prior seasons themselves. But, you can expect new characters too. Some of the most expected cast include:

1. Jack De Sena ( Callum )

2. Erik Dellums ( Aaravos )

3. Sasha Rojen ( Exran )

4. Paula Burrows ( Rayla )

5. Racquel Belmonte ( Claudia )

6. Luc Roderique ( Harrow )

These are just a few. There will be many more characters in action.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release date

The Official date for the release of The Dragon Prince Season 4 is still not out. But, Netflix featured the trailer for The Dragon Prince season 4, revealing that “The Dragon Prince: Mystery of Aaravos’ will be out sometime later this year. All the episodes will be out on Netflix itself. Before watching the 4th Season, if you have yet not watched the last 3 seasons then do go and watch them.

All the seasons have different names such as The Dragon Prince: Moon, The Dragon Prince: Sky, The Dragon Prince: Sun, and finally The Dragon Prince: Earth.

The Series has received a very good review and an IMDb of 8.4 out of 10. It is by Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond, Delna Bhesania, Giancarlo Volpe, Justin Santistevan, Richard Grieve, and Gigi Pritzker.

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Dragon Prince Season 3 review

At the end of Season 3, we see that Viren goes against the dragons, humans, and the elves. In the end, we see Viren dies as he falls from the pinnacle along with Rayla. Callum saves RAyla as he develops the ability to fly. But Viren gets resurrected by Claudia. The Dragon Prince Season 3 has received a very good response from the public and they are expecting the same for season 4 as well.

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