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The Future of Enola Holmes: Separating Fact from Fiction

The Future of Enola Holmes: Separating Fact from Fiction
Image: Netflix

“Enola Holmes 2” was released on Netflix in October 2022. Millie Bobby Brown, who played the titular role, left audiences intrigued and excited for more. Now, there is a wave of viral Facebook posts suggesting that Enola Holmes 3 is under works. It is important to note that Netflix has not officially confirmed the production of a third movie. 

While the conclusion of the second movie left the door open for further exploration of the character’s journey,fans should not get their hopes up until any official news is shared.

In an interview with Screenrant, Millie Bobby Brown expressed her enthusiasm for continuing the series. She stated, “I would love to be a part of another one. I would love to see her do more cases, be put under pressure, be put in crazy situations, make her feel vulnerable again. I absolutely love seeing her back at work.” That is the closest we have come to getting any confirmation on a new Enola Holmes film. So, we could safely say, there’s been no confirmation at all.

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Facebook pages like “Netflix Addict,” “Netflix Memes,” “The Netflix Memes,” and “Netflix Daily Updates” are circulating misinformation regarding popular Netflix shows. Enola Holmes is the newest addition. Most of these fake stories link to Netflix Life. But, the site does not report the misleading news. It turns out that the misleading stories are created to guide traffic to Netflix Life. A source says that the Facebook pages spreading misinformation are getting paid up to $7 per 1000 clicks by sites like Netflix Life. 

Millie Bobby Brown is currently involved in various Netflix projects including her 2024 movie “The Electric State.” She’s also supposed to join the production of the final season of Stranger Things. With all these on her plate, it’d be hard to imagine Enola Holmes 3 anytime soon.

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