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The God of Mischief: Loki to become the God of Magic

The God of Mischief: Loki to become the God of Magic

The God of Mischief, Loki will finally have all the respect that he needed from so long, this is all possible after he showcases the magical abilities of him and this is how he becomes the God of Magic. Read here to know everything.

Loki is a villain or a hero. This has been a debate that has existed since 2011 when the debut of God of Mischief took place in 2011. No matter whether he is a superhero or a villain, he is there with the Avengers since the beginning and this is something that makes him the hero. Loki has been underrated many times and is considered a piece of wit and deception who is just playing the sidekick of his brother. But the wait is over now because Marvel has finally decided to showcase the capabilities of Loki. Now, Loki is going to become the God of Magic.

Do you think Loki is a Frost Giant or an Asgardian?

Born as a Frost Giant, Loki is mighty and possesses superhuman abilities. He was found by Odin and brought up as an Asgardian, he did not have skin and body like Frost but yes he was born as a Frost. However, Loki does not have the abilities of Frost but we can clearly see it in the eyes of Thor. Loki has some abilities similar to that of a Frost Giant but remains unaffected by the giant touch in the battle.

Another piece of art Loki possesses is his power of projecting illusions. He can easily change to anyone that wants to be, isn’t’ this a great power. He turned into many of the characters like  Captain America, an Asgardian Guard, and even his father, Odin, and many more. Along with this, Loki can also help others to change their appearance and illusions like he made Thor believe his severed hand.

Now, everyone knows about the powers of Loki. This is the reason why he is going to become the God of Magic. The fans will now see Loki in his green armor, loaded with knives and mischiefs. Loki can easily pull out the knives and can use them for his convenience. So, get ready to see Loki as a totally new avatar.


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