The Hidden Ways To Grow Your Online Business With Email Marketing

The Hidden Ways To Grow Your Online Business With Email Marketing

It might come as no surprise, but the key to an online business is one thing: happy customers. It doesn’t matter what kind of gimmicks or promotions you run for your online business, if you are not getting in customers or clients to do business with you, you will not be successful for long. 

The biggest challenges to growth for an online business come down to two stumbling blocks and not knowing how to get around them. The first is retention; how you bring previous customers back after they use your service. The second is acquisition; what methods are you using to bring in new customers, which is a lifeblood of a business. A big missed trick by a lot of SMEs and even larger businesses is the power of email marketing – it is a tool that can take your business to the next level and increase revenue streams tenfold.

Marketing in itself is not a simple arena. There are many complex processes involved in a marketing department of a business – an amalgamation of practices, processes, strategies, and tactics that bring in qualified leads for a business. For an online business, it can be useful to simplify these processes and employ a marketing strategy that has been tried and proven for years. Email marketing has the potential to be the highest return on investment of all your marketing activities – with studies showing $42 to make for every dollar you spend. 

Email marketing can be the ultimate way to connect, engage and source new clientele. It is a method where you can present your product, service, and value with almost guaranteed eyes that will consider your offer. There are even tools out there specifically to boost your email marketing, like Ongage, that you can use and save a huge amount of time and resources through.

Email marketing is crucial for several reasons, as it can be a crucial cog in your business’s marketing engine. When it is carried out effectively, it can help separate you from your competition and take your business to the next level. Email marketing has a number of benefits: 

Increased Personalization

Email marketing gives you a perfect avenue to be more personal and direct with your customer base. Whether it is using the customer’s first name or tailoring the services or product to the customer type. This is also known as segmenting your audience – it is the basic process of making sure the right type of email goes to the right customer. The huge benefit of email marketing is personalization, allowing you to enhance engagement through different content, subject lines and even offers or promotions in the email. Marketing personalization is the new norm, as shown by the global revenue of personalized customer experiences expected to get past $9 billion next year, according to Statista

Email marketing allows you to use things like purchasing behavior, location, interests and more to segment lists. A successful email marketing strategy is built on delivering the right email, to the right person, at the right time. Do this with your email marketing and you will see your business grow

Boosted Revenue

Email marketing is first and foremost a highly effective marketing tool, and the core of marketing is selling things to people. It does not always need to be the direct product or solution, it can sometimes be selling a narrative or a pain point to a customer base, which in turn leads them to purchase the product. Email marketing campaigns can be incredibly direct in doing both of these things, highlighting the need or desire through an email but including a direct link to the product, service, or solution. You can even put these services on offer after highlighting the need for them, and through good email marketing tools, you can automate these campaigns and automated emails to potential customers. 

More Information & Data

Understanding your customer journey is an underrated aspect of a successful business – this means knowing what your potential clients experience from the initial contact right to the purchase or closing the deal. Email marketing can give you this invaluable insight through the relationship you create with the customer. You can send out surveys and feedback forms through specific email marketing campaigns to get data and results on how customers find their journey with your business. 

With this information, you can find out the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which helps you decide how many of your customers are true “brand ambassadors” and who are “detractors” – this lets you know what you can adapt or enhance to make the journey better for the customer.

Get Traffic To Your Website

A website is a cornerstone for any business. If you can drive people to your website and e-commerce page, you have a huge advantage in bringing in revenue. There is no secret recipe to generating traffic – it takes a concoction of good SEO practice, innovative content marketing efforts, and a strong brand reputation. Email marketing can be a key hidden aspect of good SEO practice, however, as you can send your website and use CTAs (calls to action) using your strong content and backlinks. This will keep your customers engaged but more importantly lead them to the website. 

Email marketing is a key pathway to connecting with your existing customer base, building more of an audience, and enhancing your business’s brand. 

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