Things You Wish You Knew Before Playing COD Warzone 2

Things You Wish You Knew Before Playing COD Warzone 2

Once inside Warzone 2, there is a lot to learn. Along with all the best features of popular battle royale games, it has interesting twists and a unique COD spin on the battle royale mode.

The successor to Activision’s Battle Royale shooter has bid farewell to the memories of Verdansk and Caldera and set up camp on Al Mazrah, a new terrain with Middle Eastern influences. The game’s core has also been altered with gleaming innovative features.

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We have put together some terrific tips and ideas to help you in Al Mazrah if you are having trouble playing successfully in the battlefield and to survive longer and win more games.

Circular mechanics in Warzone 2

Warzone 2’s circular mechanic has undoubtedly altered, but the fundamental idea hasn’t: the game’s beginning circle will keep becoming smaller until the deadly gas swallows the entire battlefield. 

There are two ways to approach the circle: either remain in the center and gain a firm foothold, or float towards the circle’s edge. 

Each has advantages and disadvantages. You’ll be encircled by enemy players if you stay in the middle and don’t move, making looting and battle much riskier. However, you’re already in the right place, so it can be rewarding.

Acquiring resources and cash is crucial

Whichever route you choose, getting a head start in Warzone 2 by looting quickly and effectively is crucial. 

Al Mazrah has a secret, or rather, a lot of secrets, in addition to some excellent landing points to get you started. Many hidden bunkers can earn you a few thousand bucks in the first few minutes along with good weapons, Kill streak, and other items. 

Another significant difference from the original title is that you must look everywhere for a 3-Plate Armor Vest since without one, you will not be able to have maximum armor.

Find the top Warzone 2 meta weapons 

Even if a weapon catches your eye and you enjoy using it, it might not necessarily be one of the weapons with a time-to-kill number that ensures quick enemy killing. 

Given the straightforward laws of recoil, fire rate, range, and damage, it stands to reason that some guns are more useful than others, and you might be wasting out if you don’t use them. 

Take advantage of your backpack 

Warzone 2 not only offers you free reign to grab any treasure you desire, but you can also locate larger bags to hold much more gear. Warzone 1 had particular slots for certain items. You could easily fit 12 to 15 armor plates, many self-revives, gas masks, and even a third weapon within. 

When scavenging for stuff and if you are someone who perhaps gets downed more frequently than others or gets caught in the gas, you have options thanks to the ability to pick and choose loot’s greater depth.

Fight without fear  

You need to play aggressively and must be able to take initiative and be willing to attack. By eliminating the competition, your chance of winning increases. It gives you more loot to scavenge, and most importantly, allows you to learn and progress. 

Even if you lose the battle and wind up in the Gulag, you may videotape the action and examine it afterwards to analyze your mistakes and figure out not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. 

Hold your high ground and be patient

We’ve all been there when it gets down to the final few players and the circle is becoming disturbingly smaller at significantly decreased intervals. However, resist the need to panic. 

You will try to eliminate a player as soon as you see them but it depends  on the situation you are in. If your teammates are dead then letting your enemy go  is a better option. 

You need an aerial advantage, especially in the last several rings. Mountains, buildings, or any other higher ground provides you a better view of the depleting battlefield and makes it simpler to spot a player acting independently. 

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