Tips And Tricks For Fixing Sim Card Failure In iphone

Tips And Tricks For Fixing Sim Card Failure In iphone

Sim card failure is one of the common issues with all models of iPhone. Suddenly, a notification might see Invalid Sim, Sim failure or similar prompts. Sim failure iPhone does not happen very frequently but might make you stressed when it occurs

Meaning of sim failure:

You might wonder, “What does sim failure mean?”. When the connection between the sim and phone fails, or the phone cannot detect the card, the failure notification is displayed. 

Many underlying causes might lead to in-operational sim cards. This might include damaged sim cards, incorrect placement of sim cards or glitches in the phone software. Many users find these issues when they update iOS.

Disconnected Sim Card Trays 

The sim card acts as the connect tool of your sim card to the iPhone model. Hence, if the tray is moved or you have not correctly placed the sim, you might get a notification of sim failure iPhone.

Failure of Active plans

Sim card failure might also occur if you have a wireless network linked with a sim card expiration. Your plan must be active to avoid sim card failure. 

 Software update issues 

If the software update is problematic, the glitch might result in sim failure on the iPhone. 

Malfunctioned systems

If the central system of the phone is not working correctly, then it might detect the sim and show as sim not installed. 

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Tips and Tricks for fixing sim card failures of iPhone

This section will help to answer your question, ‘How to fix a sim failure iPhone?’

First Step- Refreshing the Network

Sim failure iPhone can be best recorrected by refreshing the phone’s network. The best way is to enable and disable aeroplane modes. You will find this option in control centres, on the top right corners of the phone’s screen. After you swipe down from the top, you will see an aeroplane-shaped icon (also written as Airplane mode), first, click to activate this, and then a few minutes, click again for normal mode.

Second Step- Reinserting the sim 

First, switch off the phone and then remove the card. If you find any dust, wipe it with a soft clean cloth. You must check the damage on the sim card. If there is damage, you must contact your network provider; if there is no defect, you should place it correctly on the sim card tray. 

Third Step- Restarting the phone

You can do this before re-inserting the sim or after that. You can do this by switching off the phone and replacing the sim with another active sim card. This will help you to understand if the sim card is damaged or if there is an issue with the phone. 

 Hold the volume buttons for a few seconds to switch off the phone, showing you the option of powering off the screen. You can hold the power key to switch off the phone. 

 Fourth Step- Contacting the network provider 

 If you have tried and tested all the above methods, contact the network provider and raise a complaint. They will either provide you with a duplicate sim card or replace it with a new number. 

Fifth step- Resetting settings

You should first refresh network settings by resetting. In the process, you might lose the saved password for the WIFI as it will restore the factory default setting. For this, tap the setting button, again general; here, you will find options like Transfer or Reset, and then you should click reset network settings. 

Sixth Step – Upgrading iOS versions

 Put your iPhone on charge and connect to your secured Wi-Fi. Then tap the setting button, click general, and tap on software update. If there are any pending updates, then you must download them, keeping your on-charging station with a stable internet connection. 

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What to do for SOS sim failure? 

The iPhone might show a message like “SOS”, which is operative only in emergencies. This also indicates that the sim card failed. If you receive a notification message like a sim failure iPhone, you must first toggle the network by activating and deactivating the aeroplane mode. After that, you must restart the phone while also checking network updates. 

Try re-inserting the SIM card again, clean the tray while removing and replacing the SIM card. If all these options do not work, you reset the network setting, which restores the factory settings and might solve the error. Also, check any system updates if they are pending. 

Sim failure on iPhone is one of the common technical glitches which you might occasionally have to face. Simple tricks like restarting the phone, switching on and off the aeroplane modes, and reinserting the sim can solve this issue. 

If it does not solved with simple tricks, you must contact the service provider, who will replace the SIM card or provide alternative options. 

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