Tips on Giving Dog Treats at Halloween

Tips on Giving Dog Treats at Halloween

Halloween is a time of year that many people like to celebrate by having some fun. Many go all out when it comes to their decorations and costumes, and they go to parties, entertain at home, go trick-or-treating, and much more. Some also love to get all of their family involved in the Halloween celebrations, and this even includes their pets!

If you are a dog owner and you want to get your pet involved in Halloween, there are a few things that you might be thinking of doing. Some dog owners invest in costumes for their pets, and others splash out on a range of dog treats for their dogs. Of course, when it comes to the latter, you have to ensure you take safety into consideration, as many dogs end up in the emergency room as a result of Halloween treat mishaps, as the infographic below shows.

In order to keep your dog safe this Halloween, it is important that you take some key factors into consideration when it comes to treats. Some tips are outlined below.

What to Keep in Mind

One thing you must remember is that dog treats for Halloween are not the same as human ones, and you must refrain from giving your dog human treats such as candy and chocolate. Some things to keep in mind are:

Buy Proper Doggy Treats

Your doggy will appreciate being given treats at Halloween while its humans are enjoying chocolate and candy. So, to ensure your pet is not disappointed, invest in some delicious doggy treats from the pet shop. Of course, you should still be sensible with regard to how many treats you give to your pet, as you do not want your dog to get an upset tummy. So, give your dog proper dog treats and in sensible quantities.

Don’t Be Tempted to Share

Many people are tempted to throw their dog a morsel of this or that when they are eating themselves. While this might be fine with some foods, it is not fine when it comes to chocolate and candy. In fact, this can be toxic for your dog, so you must resist the temptation to share your chocolatey treats with your dog at Halloween. In addition, make sure you make the kids aware of the importance of keeping your dog away from human chocolate and candy.

Hide Human Treats

Even if you do not give in to temptation and give your dog human treats, there is nothing to say that your pet will not sneakily find the treats. Dogs have sharp noses and a great sense of smell, and they can easily sniff out chocolate and candy if it is left lying around. With this in mind, make sure you hide these goodies so that your dog cannot get to them, and make sure your kids do the same.

These are some tips to help ensure your dog gets to enjoy treats safely this Halloween.

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