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Todd Chrisley Net Worth – A Man Faced Bankruptcy, Imprisonment and Scandals

Todd Chrisley Net Worth - A Man Faced Bankruptcy, Imprisonment and Scandals

Success, failure, scandals, and controversies are part of fame and money. Achieving fraud may be easy to earn but is not long-lasting. Todd Chrisley net worth, background, and histories are ideal examples. After 12 years of sentencing and prison for 7 years for fraud in tax, his life hit him hard. 

Todd Chrisley’s Wiki 

Todd Chrisley was born in 1969, 6th April. Georgia. He worked restlessly and established his estate business named ‘Chrisley & Company’. He even ran ‘Chrisley Knows Best’, the popular TV show. Todd Chrissley’s life was no less than any roller coaster. As of 2023, his age is 54. Starting from nowhere, he was a man made from nowhere, making his name famous worldwide. 

Todd Chrisley’s Family, Early Age 

Followers want to know about Todd Chrisley’s family as he was not a man born with a golden spoon. His birthplace was Georgia, but he was brought up in Westminster City, South Carolina, US. Todd’ father is Gene Raymond Chrisley and mother is Faye Chrisley, and come from a middle-class family. He has two brothers named Derrick and Randy.

Teresa Cherry, with whom he had been in a relationship since high school got married at his early age and became a parent of two. Later in 1996, they got divorced. After ending his first marriage, Todd made Julie Chrisley his life partner and became parents of three. 

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Professional Field of Todd Chrisley 

Todd Chrisley’s professional field was full of ups and downs. Tried and involved in different professional fields, Todd ensured a wealthy and lavish lifestyle. Fortunately, all his hard work paid off, and he achieved fruitful results. 

In 2004, Todd invested in an LLC company named Executive Asset Management. Later the company faced bankruptcy in 2012. The housing market hitted hard and collapsed in 2008, creating a plot to force a shutdown. As a result, there was a loss of US$ 49 million. He is an entrepreneur, actor, a TV show host and even worked as a TV show producer.

Later, he established Chrisley Asset Management company, a real estate one. Reportedly, a debt of US$ 49 million was over his head, but he was left with only 4.2 millionUS$ and US$ 100 cash. The professional has gone through a huge financial crisis throughout his career. 

Todd Chrisley Net Worth - A Man Faced Bankruptcy, Imprisonment and Scandals

Todd’s Career’s Turning Point

Todd Chrisley’s career highlights are inspiring enough to show how he overcame the financial crisis. Todd tried his fortune in the TV industry to get rid of that situation. In March 2014, Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley, started their TV reality show, ‘ Chrisley Knows Best’. There were 10 seasons of the show, and it went off the air in June 2022. 

Georgia Cities Roswell and Alpharetta were the two first places where the show was arranged; however, later, it was arranged in US Tennessee State’s Capital, Nashville. 

‘Chrisley Knows Best’ was a huge success and encouraged Chrisley & Company.

In ‘Sharknado part 4, Awakens” was a fictional comedy film with science from the Sharknado film series. Todd made a significant appearance there. 

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Todd Chrisley Net Worth: Assets, Home, and Car Collection 

His net worth is full of questions as he and his wife were found allegedly doing financial fraud. 

Many conflicting reports about Todd Chrisley’s net worth, assets, and lifestyle exist. According to the reports, in Nashville, 2019, he bought a house for US$ 3.4 million. However, after being proven guilty just within two months, the house was given on sale for 4.7 million US$.

High-end cars are a part of Todd’ luxurious lifestyle. He has a Range Rover, Audi, and a Mercedes Benz in his collection. 

As of 2023, Todd Chrisley’s net worth is just $1.5 million, according to his earning of US$ 300,000 per year. 

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