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Top 20 Hottest Female Weather Reporters In The Worlds 2024

Top 20 Hottest Female Weather Reporters In The Worlds 2022

Although beauty is subjective, there are many hottest female weather reporters throughout the media community who have continued to gain the viewer’s attention. Consequently, there are many attractive female weather broadcasters on the chart who have charmed the globe with their incredible beauty and wit. These women shine as news anchors, neighbourhood reporters, and sometimes even weather forecasters.

Initially, the picture of a hefty man wearing spectacles usually sprang to mind while thinking about weather forecasts. However, the once male-dominated sector has evolved recently to include female weather reporters. This has attracted a lot of attention since the women are intelligent, smart, and breathtakingly beautiful.

20 Most Attractive Female Weathercasters

Because of their charm and attractiveness, gorgeous weather girls have increased the viewership of their respective programmes. Here are a few of the hottest female weather reporters whose appearance has caught the interest of most watchers and made people turn heads everywhere they go.

Indra Peterson:

Indra Peterson Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Indra Valija Petersons was born in the US state of California in 1980. A meteorologist for the USA Network, Petersons have consequently served as a media professional for years. For CNN’s Early Hours Program New Day, she had previously served as a forecast anchor. This hot weather reporter began her career with KABC-TV and then joined NBC News.

Evelyn Taft:

Evelyn Taft Hottest Female Weather Reporter

In the field of weather forecasting, analyst Evelyn Taft has proved her mettle and has served in the field for decades. Born on August 24, 1984, she began her career in journalism at the early age of 16. Her captivating on-screen personality significantly boosted CBS viewership. Currently, she serves as a reporter for KCAL News and a CBS meteorologist and is considered one of the most famous female weather reporters in the United States. A multilingual, Taft is proficient in French and has conversational English, Hebrew, and Russian languages.

Evelyn received numerous awards, such as the Bob Jones Prize, Golden Mike Prize, as well as Old Tom Morris Prize. Additionally, she is a Seal of Approval fellow of the National Forecast Association.

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Lluvia Carrillo:

Lluvia Carrillo Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Lluvia Carrillo is a television personality, model, and an Instagram sensation. Also known as one of the most gorgeous weather anchor, Lluvia Carrillo’s toned figure and dark hair compliments her personality. In addition, Lluvia is a well-known influencer on several social media platforms and boasts more than 200k followers on her Instagram handle.

Initially ventured as a sports journalist, this sexiest weather girl worked as a meteorologist for Televisa Monterrey in Mexico. She has taken over from the well-known Yanet Garcia’s role as the station’s weather forecaster for Mexican viewers.

Currently, Lluvia Carrillo is employed by the Televisa channel in Mexico. Besides her stint in journalism, the gorgeous climate girl has raised the stakes online.

Kait Parker:

Kait Parker Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Expert in meteorological science, Kait Parker served the Weather Network application and Another best-looking weather girl, she replaces climatologist Rob Marciano during weekends during her appearance for Good Morning America.

A short documentary titled Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee was published by Parker in 2016. She received the top prize for Digital Video from The Association of Independent Reporters for her work. Additionally, this hot weather girl was nominated for a Best Science as well as Environmental Journalism Emmy Award.

Besides Kait Parker’s exceptional journalism stint, Kait is an Instagram sensation and has more than 14k followers.

Patricia Jaggernauth:

Patricia Jaggernauth
Image: Instagram

Another brilliant and excellent weather reporters prominent for her sharp looks is Patricia Jaggernauth. With a 12-year career as a TV Weather Anchor and an international Weather Expert covering major storm systems and historic weather occurrences, Jaggernauth is often named as one of the smart gorgeous weather anchors. She graduated from the Seneca Polytechnic with a college degree in Broadcast and Journalism and began her journey as a web host on Yahoo.

Currently, she works as a weather expert for BBC News. Besides her long stint in journalism, Patricia Jaggernauth is an Instagram influencer and boasts more than 488k followers on the platform.

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Jaisol Martinez

Jaisol Martinez
Image: Instagram

Born and Raised in El Paso, Texas, prominently named as the “hot weather girl”, Jaisol Martinez started her career at WMDT-TV in Salisbury, MD. A meteorology graduate from Texas A&M, she is considered one of Instagram’s most beautiful female weather anchors.

Currently working as a weather forecaster and meteorologist for ABC7, Jaisol had a long experience in this profession at WHDH-TV in Boston, MA. Besides journalism, Jaisol has attracted a huge fan following owing to her beautiful face and positive personality. Additionally, she often treats her fans with social media posts and has more than 10k followers on Instagram.

Mayte Carranco:

Mayte Carranco Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Mayte Carranco was born in 1974 near Mexico. One of the prominent Mexican TV weather forecasters, she is also the Miss Televisa Montera beauty pageant champion. Initially, Mayte ventured into the music industry as a vocalist before being named one of the hottest Weather girls in 2024. Mayte has featured the covers of several magazines, such as Men H.

She is indeed a qualified fitness enthusiast who shares photos of herself working out for the voluminous social media audience. This Mexican beauty, who is 45 years old, shows no indications of ageing. She speaks for and supports limit-x nutrition’s dietary supplements and food items.

Janice Villagran:

Janice Villagran Hottest Female Weather Reporter

With her external elegance, Janice Villagran ranks on the list as the next hottest female weather reporter. This weather anchor for Estrella TV is an established news figure. With a Bachelor’s degree in communication studies, Janice proved her mettle in the world of journalism. Her distinctive look on social networking sites is her plump but stunning body and thousands of netizens allure her attractive personality over social media.

Currently working as a weather reporter, initially, she worked as a surgery technician and medical help. In addition, she is one of the most famous and hottest female weather forecast reporters.

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Jasmina Marazita:

Jasmina Marazita Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Another attractive weather reporter who is well-known for her attractive appearance seems to be Jasmina Marazita. This Telemundo news network hires Ecuadorian presenters and has received immense recognition for her career-launching conversation with singer Julio Garcia. The female forecast anchor has experience in the transportation and entertainment sectors and a diploma in journalism. She is the host of a popular SBS Radio program and a highly talented writer.

Anabel Angus:

Anabel Angus Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, the lovable and ambitious television host is often looked at as one of the hottest news anchors and forecasters around the world. As a qualified dancer for the entertainment programme on Unitel Television around 2002, Angus started her career. She was the host of the Calle 7 TV programme in 2011.

Along with her career as a television presenter, Anabel Angus’ fame in social media constantly helps her in gaining the attraction of the masses. She is indeed a glamorous model, and clothing designer, as well as the sexiest female weather presenter. Pantene as well as Kotex use this lovely climate girl as their brand representative. She is additionally included in the ranking of the very well-known models.

Sheena Parveen:

Sheena Parveen Hottest Female Weather Reporter

This stunning Florida State College graduate is a weather journalist of Indian descent. She began working at Tallahassee News as an intern after graduating. Not only presents her program “Pet Adoption,” but also reports on the climate.

She has served for WCTV, Fox13, as well as NBC10 during her employment and conducted a field report on an EF5 tornado near Moore, Oklahoma, in 2013. People complimented her for covering Hurricane Sandy near Jersey Beach for several days nonstop. She was listed as one of the “hottest female weather reporters in the world” by several well-known publications.

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Sol Perez:

Sol Perez Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Beautiful weather forecaster Sol Perez is also a skilled journalist and is often named among the sexiest weather forecasters. She aspires to a small appearance and is an extremely popular model representing Argentina who has been obsessed with fitness.

During 2022, Sol has been regarded as one of the world’s hottest weather girls, due to her TV reporting that flaunts her curves. Viewers love this sexy weather girl as well as the way she predicts the weather. For the TyC Sporting Channel, she is a reporter. Sol Perez does have 6.2 million Instagram followers.

Susana Almeida:

Susana Almeida Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Susana Almeida, the professional Mexican weather presenter, is the third sexiest female weather journalist. She is intelligent and beautiful. She is indeed a supermodel who has been featured on the covers of various magazines. Daily Star Weekly chose her as the most attractive weather girl. That M Magazine front also featured this sizzling weather model.

Naile Lopez:

Naile Lopez Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Model, Television personality and weather forecaster Naile Lopez operates from Mexico. Her ability to speak clearly and intelligently has earned her the position of weather presenter for Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey. She is an ambassador for the swimsuit company SoyLaMaria because of her toned curvaceous figure.

She appears in television programmes in Mexico including “Como dice el dicho” as well as “The Two Lives Of Estela Carrillo.”

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Yanet Garcia:

Yanet Garcia Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Yanet Garcia has been ranked as the sexiest female weather presenter. She is well-liked by her followers for her attractive appearance, sophisticated predicting abilities, and radiant smile. This lovely beautiful girl began her career as a professional supermodel at the age of 15. 

She is indeed a renowned model, actor, businesswoman, as well as social media celebrity in addition to presenting the weather. She now possesses millions of Instagram followers and was referred to as the “Woman who inspires people to check the weather report” by a well-known magazine. Appeared in films including Bellezonismo as well as Sharknado 5.

Carolina Ramirez:

Carolina Ramirez Hottest Female Weather Reporter

In Miami, this energetic brunette presents weather forecasts during “Despierta America.” Yet because of her involvement in beauty contests, she is accustomed to performing on stage. This reality star from Colombia rose to stardom after appearing on “Nuestra Belleza Latina” around 2010.

Ramirez has gained a sizable fan following because of her radiant smile and kind attitude. She has more than 50,000 Facebook followers and more than 60,000 Instagram followers.

 Her Instagram account is filled with lifestyle photographs that show her doing anything from climbing to spending time with her kids. In 2010, Ramirez was wed to Argentine industrialist Mariano Bacaleinik.

Cristina Blackwell:

Cristina Blackwell Hottest Female Weather Reporter

For San Antonio watchers, each day is a fantastic day because they can watch Cristina Blackwell, who is from their city, present KENS 5’s Wonderful Day SA each morning. 

The lovely San Antonio girl, who is of Mexican descent on her maternal side, attended high school there before enrolling at the Le Cordon Bleu near Paris to learn cooking arts.

Yet she won’t stop there; at UTSA, she simultaneously pursued a degree in voice communications. Before landing a job as a climate journalist for Despierta America, her fluency in Spanish helped her to serve as the morning programme presenter for Univision 41.

When she wed renowned hockey player Pete MacArthur as well as started her family, she had to set her job on wait for a while. Great Day SA was eventually given to her around 2017.

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Ximena Cordoba:

Ximena Cordoba Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Ximena Cordoba, a professional journalist as well as a meteorologist from Colombia, is indeed a leader in her area. She made her performing and hosting debut in the reality TV series Protagonistas de Novela around 2002. Since then, she has been in several telenovelas plus hosted shows including the TNT Movie Club on TNT, Despierta America, as well as Republica Deportiva under Univision. This hottest female weather reporter additionally has been featured in and accessorised the covers of various publications, such as Cosmopolitan as well as Women’s Health.

Ximena presently runs her own business, XC Sport, in addition to hosting Mas Noche across Mexico. The brand representative and actress maintains a healthy lifestyle, as seen by the number of fans she possesses on Facebook as well as Instagram (1.6 or even 2 million, correspondingly).

Jackie Guerrido:

Jackie Guerrido Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Jackie Guerrido isn’t your typical journalist or TV personality. She also works as an actor, radio personality, as well as entrepreneur. She is another of the gorgeous and hot weather girls.

Originally gained notoriety over the radio with the programme El Vacilon de la Maana (Happy Times throughout the Morning), then relocated to Miami for various shows before finding a job as a transportation journalist for WSCV, the local Telemundo station there.

When Univision hired her as their weather anchor for Al Amanacer de Noticias 23, she got her big breakthrough. She later transferred to Wake Up America (Despierta America), and finally into Primero Impacto (Initial Effect), in which she is now a presenter.

Maria Quiban:

Maria Quiban Hottest Female Weather Reporter

Maria Quiban, a Filipino-born native of Cebu Town, went to Hawaii with her parents at the age of Nine and finished her education there before majoring in media at the College of Hawaii in Manoa. She relocated to Los Angeles as well as took the hottest female weather reporters position at this Orange County Newschannel after earning training at KHNL near Honolulu. 

Following that, she rejoined KTTV around 2000, where she continues to work as the weather forecaster for Fox 11’s early-morning news programme Good Day LA. Quiban has already tried acting, making appearances in several films and TV shows like Bruce Almighty, Everybody Hates Chris, Criminal Minds as well as Rake. She primarily plays the part of a journalist in these productions. She is another of the sexiest weather anchors.


For the past decade, weather forecasting shows often gathers the attraction of the masses. On and off the field, the informational show not only captivates viewers with its important weather details but also with its charming and beautiful forecasters, who can steal the show with their appearance. So, in the above-mentioned list, we bring to you the list of the top 20 hottest female weather reporters who have graced their presence in their respective fields and are enough to raise the temperatures.

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