Top 5 Alternative Apps Like Whisper for Android and iOS

Top 5 Alternative Apps Like Whisper for Android and iOS

Are you sick of utilizing the same old social media platforms? Maybe you want a place or an app that is entirely safe and judgment-free. Such an app is Whisper which lets people talk to one another in confidence and privacy about whatever they choose. Over the years, it gained immense popularity. 

But, if you already used this app but want to try something new that offers the same kind of entertainment, you have landed on the right page. The post will highlight a few excellent alternatives to Whisper that also have a broader fan base. So, without further ado, let’s know about some alternative apps like Whisper 2023 that are just as good as Whisper. 

Top Alternatives Apps Like Whisper 

Most alternative apps like Whisper are social networks that allow users to learn about the outside world and meet new friends. There is a possibility that some offer a more significant number of features than others, allowing you to choose the application that best meets your needs. Take a closer look at the list that is provided below.

1. Ablo

Using Ablo, meeting new individuals is a breeze, similar to apps just like Whisper. It is a fantastic resource for expanding one’s social circle, discovering new customs, and mingling with people from all over the globe. 

Ablo also has handy tools like a translator and live video that anybody may utilize. The translator allows you to communicate while speaking your native tongue. Meanwhile, live video lets you broadcast and discuss ongoing events or topics in real time.

Millions of individuals have used this free software to locate strangers or make friends in their area, much like Whisper. Don’t be afraid; Ablo is an entirely secure app.

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2. Anon

With the help of the Anon app, you may safely and anonymously share your ideas and opinions with others by choosing a pseudonym while doing so online. Unlike Whisper, it doesn’t limit you to posting photos with text overlays.

Video, music, and even live video feeds may all be posted by users. Both public and private video calls and group conversations may be conducted anonymously. You may make private messages for sensitive inquiries and discussions.

Browse many different options for topics and themes to find and join groups that share your interests. In the Finds area, you may connect with other users, find new acquaintances, and find potential love partners.


The anonymous messaging software has been around for a while and is among the popular apps like Whisper for iPhone. Without providing any personal information, anybody who downloads the app and visits the Shuffle area may start chatting with random users.

Create a profile that describes you and includes your basic personal information. Making an interesting bio will attract other users to become your friend and send you messages. You have more discretion on what personal information to share on than on Whisper. 

To help your loved ones find you, you may upload a real picture to your profile and share a link to the app with them.

4. ASKfm

If you’re looking for anonymous apps like Whisper, you shouldn’t overlook ASKfm. You can start a conversation on whatever you choose, whether or not your identity is revealed. Anybody may join the conversation and see your question once you submit it. Continue talking if that’s OK with you.

The number of people who have used this service exceeds 40 million. Similarly to Whisper, you may approach random people in your immediate vicinity and ask them questions. The nicest aspect of this app is getting responses from people willing to be candid and surprised.

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5. After School

After School is a private and anonymous messaging app for students. You can be anonymous or reveal your true identity; it is entirely up to you. The After School app is completely discreet; you only have to install it on your device and ask questions. To solicit additional feedback, this software enables users to like, follow, and share posts without revealing their identities.

Like other apps like Whisper, it has a secret chat feature that lets you exchange unlimited audio, video, and text messages between yourselves. After School is a fun social app for folks wishing to talk to others about their feelings.


Talking to complete strangers online is exciting, particularly if you can maintain your identity. Hence, it’s entertaining to have free apps like Whisper. When you log on to the internet, you may assume a new persona and identity, giving you the freedom to be whatever you want. But, never give out anything that might be used to identify you, such as your full name, the names of people in your family or circle of friends, your place of employment, your city of residence, your date of birth, etc.

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