How Costly is a TikTok Galaxy? All About TikTok Gifts

How Costly is a TikTok Galaxy? All About TikTok Gifts

From the very beginning of TikTok, the developers have been coming up with innovative ideas to make the platform more interesting. TikTok gifts are part of that process. In this post, we’ll learn how TikTok gifts work, who can send them and who can receive them. We’ll learn how much a TikTok galaxy is worth on TikTok. And we’ll talk about some other TikTok gift items.

What are TikTok gifts?

TikTok gifts are virtual tokens of appreciation that TikTok users can send to their favorite content creators during a video or a live stream. TikTok has created a repository of over 100 items that you can pick from. The costs of these virtual gifts vary from as little as $0.0012 to $500. A TikTok user can send these gifts to a creator during a stream or a video by using TikTok coins. The cheapest gift comes for 5 coins and the most expensive one comes for 34999 coins. 

How much does a galaxy cost on TikTok

The TikTok galaxy has a unique appeal for two reasons. One, it is not as expensive as you’d think it is. Two, it creates a wonderful visual on the screen when someone sends a TikTok galaxy gift.

A TikTok galaxy costs 1000 virtual coins the real-world value of which is around $13.5. As you can see it is not even close to being the most expensive gift item, but the visual appeal makes it very popular among the users.

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The cheapest and the most expensive gifts on TikTok

As mentioned earlier, the price of TikTok gifts varies greatly. The following are some gifts on TikTok that cost between 1 and 30 coins.

Rose, TikTok, TGIF, Ice Cream Gone, Weights, Football, GG, Mini Speaker, Tennis, Coffee – these gift items cost only 1 coin. Some other cheap TikTok gifts include 

Finger Heart – 5 coins

Mic – 5 coins

Panda – 5 coins

Hand Wave – 9 coins

Lollipop – 10 coins

Gamepad – 10 coins

Heart – 10 coins

Perfume – 20 coins

As you can see, the cost of a TikTok galaxy – 1000 coins is quite higher than these items. But it is not nearly as high as the most expensive gifts. What are those?

The following are the top five most expensive gift items on TikTok.

  • TikTok Universe: 34999 coins.
  • Lion: 29999 coins.
  • Rocket: 20000 coins.
  • Planet: 15000 coins.
  • Interstellar: 10000 coins.

How to send a gift on TikTok?

While watching a live stream or a video on TikTok tap on the Gifts button. You’ll see the list of gifts to choose from. Choose the gift you want to send. Tap send below the Gift button.

If you do not have sufficient virtual coins to send a gift, TikTok will prompt you to recharge your account. You can follow the instructions that will follow to recharge your account.

If the Gifts button doesn’t show on the screen that means the creator doesn’t qualify for receiving gifts at that point.

Who can receive a gift on TikTok?

In order to receive TikTok gifts, creators need to fulfill a few requirements. In order to receive gifts during a live stream, a creator needs to have at least 1000 followers. For a creator to receive gifts during a video, they need at least 100,000 followers. Apart from that they need to be part of the Creator-Next program on TikTok. The creators must be at least 18 years or 19 in South Korea and 20 in Japan. They should also be from a region where TikTok gifts are enabled. Not all countries have TikTok gifts yet.

Who can send TikTok gifts?

You have to be at least 18 years of age (might vary based on the region) to be able to send TikTok gifts including the galaxy gift.

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How to encash a TikTok gift?

TikTok gifts are first converted into TikTok diamonds and once you have enough diamonds you can encash them via PayPal or other secure payment methods. Follow the steps to encash your gifts.

  1. Open your TikTok profile
  2. Tap on the three lines 
  3. Select settings
  4. Tap on Balance and then, Live Gifts.

There you’ll see the diamonds you have. Choose the number of diamonds you encash and then follow the prompts to get your cash out.

A TikTok diamond is worth 5 cents or 0.05 dollars. That means 100 diamonds translate into $5. You need at least $100 worth of diamonds, that is 2000 diamonds to encash them. Please note that TikTok takes a 50% commission out of your earnings. So, if you encash $100, you’d effectively earn $50.

Wrapping up

Once you have built a large enough following, and if the content you create has an impact on your audience, gifts like the TikTok galaxy can add a significant amount to your earnings from TikTok through direct contribution from the fans.  

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