Tristan Thompson and Brother Amari Find Support from Khloé Kardashian After Family Tragedy

Tristan Thompson and Brother Amari Find Support from Khloé Kardashian After Family Tragedy

In a touching display of support and solidarity, Khloé Kardashian, along with her mother Kris Jenner and sister Kim Kardashian, rushed to be by Tristan Thompson’s side in Toronto following the devastating loss of his mother, Andrea Thompson, in January. The heartfelt gesture was featured in the recent episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which aired on July 27.

The news of Andrea’s heart attack shook the entire world of Tristian. When Kim Kardashian learned about the tragedy, she said, “It’s not even a question, I’ll be there.” She dropped everything to be there for Tristian. Even considering the tragedy faced by Tristian, Kim’s reaction might have seemed strange to a lot of viewers who know how many times Tristian has cheated on Kim’s sister. 

Khloé said that Tristian was overcome with emotion as he informed her of Andrea’s passing. Khloé spoke with Andrea almost daily which makes this loss very personal to her. Tristan was named the legal guardian of younger brother Amari in the wake of their mother’s passing. Amari is severely disabled. 

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Things got even worse when Tristan’s home, currently under construction, suffered a roof collapse. Tristan and Amari needed a temporary living arrangement. 

Despite previously stating that they would never get back together, Khloé opened her heart and home to Tristan, allowing him to move in with her and their two children, daughter True, 5, and son Tatum, 12 months. 

While Khloé will never forget the infidelity of Tristian, she found it in her heart to forgive Tristan. She thought she needed to let go of her grudges for her own emotional well being. 

Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian conceived their first child together in 2017 and Tristan Decided to cheat on Khloé when she was 9 months pregnant. She forgave him and the two decided to have a surrogate child. But Tristian cheated again, even conceived a child. 

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