Types of Must-Have Science Lab Equipment for School Students

Types of Must-Have Science Lab Equipment for School Students

For school students, their science period, or you can say their heaven, usually stays very important for them. Everyone likes the lab tests that happen in the science lab. If you are also a student like these and want to discover about your science lab equipment or you are anyone else who wants a piece of knowledge about it. 

Don’t worry; we are here to help you. At 5th to 8th standard, students are given an introduction to these types of equipment which normally stays a good base for further studies in science. Here we will discuss the must-have equipment along with how they are useful. Read on.

1. Microscope

It is very useful equipment. Without it, there is no role for a science laboratory. Usually, it is needed in the biology lab. A simple light microscope is used for lab tests in colleges and schools. This microscope uses a series of magnifying lenses along with natural or sometimes artificial light.

Magnifying lenses are used to observe a very tiny specimen. It contains parts like a body tube, stage clips, light source, stage, base, and many more. It is operated by the principles that prove the refraction of light. Normally it contains two objective and oculus lenses. The objective stays very near the sample, whereas the oculus stays near our eyes. 

2. Beakers

Now, what are beakers? If you are a science student, you may have a basic knowledge of them. These are used to hold liquid or solid chemicals, or, you can say, samples, usually used in the chemistry lab. They are glass wares, or you can say reaction containers. 

Generally, it is a container with an open top with a flat bottom having the shape of a cylinder with measuring lines. 

3. Test tubes

A test tube is also known as a sample tube; some call it a culture tube. It is almost like a beaker but very short in size and also very narrow. Its length is just like a finger. It can be made of glass or sometimes clear plastic. Glass one is better than a plastic one. It also has lines that are useful in measuring the volume of your chemical; it has a flat bottom and an open top. To place it correctly, special-purpose racks are good. 

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4. Thermometer

As thermometers play a vital role in science, it is also must-have equipment. It is used for measuring temperature. It comes in various types like digital, strip, and infrared. Its quality is that it can also measure the temperature of solids, liquids, and gases. You can check the temperature of food, water, and even air. 

Almost every family has a thermometer. It is so because it helps measure our body’s temperature. That means if you have a fever, it can easily be guessed by this equipment. Our body’s normal temperature is 37°C, or you can say 98.6°F. If your temperature is more than it, it means you have a fever and need treatment. 

5. Magnifying glass

This is a type of glass that is a convex lens. It is usually made for viewing the magnification details of the object you are testing out. It is made of glass and sometimes plastic. When the light hits the glass at an angle and refracted towards the center of the lens, you can see the big version of the object. 

It can be used in both the chemistry lab and also the physics one. If you are a student interested in physics, you should have a magnifying glass that will help you in simple experiments at home. 

Some safety tips while using lab equipment

Lab experiment tools are harmful, too, even more, when we are talking about chemistry lab ones. Obviously, in chemistry, we experiment on chemicals, sometimes on poisonous gases too. All we need to do is wear proper gloves, a mask, and glasses. Always wash your hands after the experiments. Don’t inhale the gases which come out from the reaction.

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