Uber Alternatives: 10 Ride-Sharing & Similar Applications

Uber Alternatives: 10 Ride-Sharing & Similar Applications

With online cab booking services becoming an integral part of our lives, Uber has introduced the service that has dominated the market since its introduction. With vast cab services and taxes being made in cities and countries worldwide, Uber has ranked in the cab market with one of the largest services. Although Uber has been rated as one of the largest cab booking services, it lacks some of its features like Uber Driver, Surge Pricing, automated system, and a couple of others. Hence, for your convenience, in this article, we have mentioned the 10 alternatives of Uber that can help you choose the best cab services.

What is Uber?

Uber Technologies, is a multinational transportation company that is incorporated with services like raid-hailing services, food delivery, freight transportation, and courier services.

Founded in 2009, Garrett Camp came up with the idea to create Uber and spent $800 hiring a private driver on the business eve.

With the largest ridesharing company worldwide with more than 150 million monthly active users and more than 6 million drivers, Uber guarantees to facilitate more than 26 million rides a day and more than 46 billion drives since its foundation in 2010.

Uber Alternatives: 10 Ride-Sharing & Similar Applications

How Uber Will Face Challenges in The Upcoming Years?

Although Uber is an esteemed company that has provided cab services for years, its reputation has gradually declined in recent years owing to the several challenges they are facing or is likely to face shortly.

1. Status of Drivers

One of them is the status of drivers; whether they are classified as personnel or independent drivers. Uber, to maintain its safe side, opts for the latter, and classifies itself as a technology company whose sole purpose is to connect drivers and passengers.

Although this classification works smoothly for the company and some of the drivers, others have reported to be suffering from it. Many drivers claim that they have been paid minimum wages which do not meet the earnings they can do by working as independent drivers. Not only this, but the company, Uber, has been solving several lawsuits that have been launched by drivers in Massachusetts and California.

2. The California Controversy

The ongoing challenges with the status of drivers faced legislative challenges in California; the region’s population of 39 million makes it one of the largest marketplaces for the company. Following, in 2019, the California senate passed an Assembly Bill 5, that ordered Uber, and Lyft among other ridesharing to deal with their drivers as employees and not independent contractors.

3. Taxes

Another issue that is related to the status of the drivers is the tax issue. If Uber stops claiming itself as a technology company and becomes a livery company, the government can claim that the entire ride payment is Uber’s revenue and is subjected to taxes and governance.

4. Driver’s Risk

Besides, Uber drivers have been subjected to several risks as the company has been banned in several regions. In such cases, Uber drivers are open to receiving threats from the regions and their independent drivers.

Additionally, the Airport authorities have also been cracking down on Uber to drop off and pick up customers from the airport.

5. The Risk of International Expansion

Since Uber has now expanded its services and is now available across Asian countries, it might face issues with the local drivers.

Not only has there been an urge to promote local businesses, but the taxis are more affordable and compatible with customers. In such cases, Uber’s global expansion has sought to arouse several challenges in recent years. 

10 Best Uber Alternatives In 2024

1. Flywheel


A cab-related service, similar to Uber, is currently working in San Francisco and is also one of the oldest cab services in the area. Flywheel, unlike Uber, is positively reviewed for its well-behaved drivers and clean cats.

Besides cab services, they have the second largest fleet of wheel car-based taxis and drivers that are trained for ease to passengers.

2. Grab


A Southeast Asian application, Grab is a great alternative to Uber; however, has a plethora of features to offer. Initiated in Malaysia in 2012, besides its cab services, the company offers food and grocery delivery services, and mobile payments among others. With a simplified user interface and customer service assistance, Grab, with few taps, offers you a plethora of services that include purchasing groceries, ordering food, and much more.

Currently, Grab is operating its services in more than 400 cities. Additionally, Grab supports local businesses by including a list of restaurants and grocery stores that provide with several services to users. 

3. HopSkipDrive


With considerable transportation that provides services to children and older adults. Currently operating in the United States in its 13 states, it currently operates primarily for school-aged children who fall under the category of IEP or the McKinney – Vento Homeless Assistance Act.

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4. Bolt


Bolt, founded in 2013 in Estonia as Taxify is a transportation network organisation that operates in over 50 nations internationally. It offers convenient and low-cost experience hailing offerings to its customers. The organisation focuses on offering competitive pricing for its rides. The pricing model of the enterprise is designed in such a manner it is low-priced for both the riders and the drivers. The well-represented application allows customers to e-book rides, music their motive force’s place and pay for the rides seamlessly. Bolt is dedicated to safety and has implemented several measures to ensure the proper being of its riders and drivers. 

One of the excellent Uber options alternatives for commuters and vacationers in numerous countries including Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Bolt can be a beneficial alternative to Uber if you are looking for an alternative to Uber with a motive of transportation for your family and education. The core values that are posed by Bolt are safety, empathy, ownership, thinking a bigger hustle, a brighter tomorrow, and positivity.

5. Gett


An Israeli company, Gett, with its established features and an easy interface, has made itself popular in the cab and taxi-sharing market.

Initially, the app was named GetTaxi and the only services it provided were related to taxis. However, with its globalisation, Gett also includes B2B travel management that shows versatility in its plethora of operations.

As of 2024, Gett has a strong presence in the United States, United Kingdom, and Israel. Now, with its appropriate corporate offerings, Gett is ready to expand itself in other markets across the globe.

6. OLA


An Indian multinational ride-sharing company, the term ‘OLA’ is styled as OLΛ. With its headquarters in Bengaluru, India, in 2010, the company was initiated as a trip-planning company. However, in 2011, with the growing market of cab-related services, its founder, Bhavesh Agarwal, decided to make a smooth transition that eventually led him to a successful way to gain a global market share.

Now as of 2024, OLA has not only expanded its service in India but also in several countries including Australia, New Zealand, and The United Kingdom.

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7. Wingz


Besides its services of allowing users to book prior, its charges are fixed which helps users in not receiving a surge fee after arriving at the airport.

A US-based ride-hailing service, Wingz predominantly serves pre-scheduled, flat-fee, private rides that are particular for airport transfers.

Not only this, but Wingz lets riders and users request their favourite drivers for a hassle-free drive. With a safety feature and several customisation options, it serves as a great alternative to Uber in 2024.

8. Via


A New York-based company, Via has now expanded its service globally and operates in more than 20 countries with its unique, ride-sharing opportunities.

Via uses an algorithm that matches passengers that are heading in the same direction which helps reduce the number of cars on the road while lowering the cost of a person. Additionally, with its unique ride-sharing option, it can be counted as one of the most sustainable Uber substitutes in the market.

9. Cabify


Operated mainly by a Spanish ride company, Cabify operates mainly in Spain, Latin America, and a few parts of Europe.

While the company is committed to safety, Cabify represents a comfortable drive to its customers, transparent pricing, and high-quality and trained drivers. Unlike Uber, Cabify has reported few safety incidents and is continuing to improve to provide more safe services. While Cabify is safely running in regions across Spain, Latin America, and regions of Europe, it is constantly working to expand its services across Asian regions.

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10. Curb


A US-based company that connects with riders and professional drivers, Curb is another reliable alternative to Uber.

With its new age reliability of tech-led Taxi applications, it combined the traditional taxis, which is why it is considered unique.

Along with its instant service, Curb also allows users to book their taxis in advance. In collaboration with the old taxis, Curb is supporting old-school businesses and local employees that can cash on modern-day cab services.

Final Words

Uber, with more than 47 billion rides since its inception in 2010, is likely to continue its contribution to the ride-sharing business. However, owing to several legal actions and controversies emerging around Uber’s name have sabotaged its established market. In such cases, many users and customers have preferably switched their platforms to a safer and less controversial ride-sharing and cab services application.

Hence, if you are also looking for an alternative ride-hailing service to Uber, you can prefer our above-mentioned much-coveted guide. In this guide, we have covered everything including the reasons Uber is facing a setback from its customers, users, and drivers, and also the 10 alternatives of Uber in 2024 that can be used for a safer ride.

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