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Unveiling the Mysterious World of ‘My Daemon’ Anime: Coming to Netflix in November 2023

Unveiling the Mysterious World of 'My Daemon' Anime: Coming to Netflix in November 2023
Image: Netflix

Netflix is all set to release the much-anticipated anime series, ‘My Daemon,’ in November 2023. It is a product of the creative genius Otsuichi, also known as Hirotaka Adachi. In charge of production is the Thai animation studio Igloo. 

The initial announcement of ‘My Daemon’ came at the TUDUM event in September 2022. The revelation also had a sneak peek. It left fans eagerly awaiting more details. A year later, there is still little we know about the show. 

‘My Daemon’ marks the debut full-scale anime production for the talented Thai animators at Igloo Studio, amplifying the excitement surrounding this project.

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Netflix has announced that the show is in production and the industry buzz hints at a November release. There is a speculative premiere date of November 23rd. The anticipation is further fueled by the prospect of an upcoming trailer that promises to provide a glimpse into the fantastical world of ‘My Daemon.’ 

The story of ‘My Daemon’ is set against the backdrop of a nuclear explosion on Earth that resulted in a catastrophic rift that bridges the gap between the mortal realm and the depths of hell. 

The event brings forth a relentless onslaught of dust pollution from the underworld. Amidst this chaos the young elementary school student Kento stumbles upon a mysterious Daemon named Anna. Driven by curiosity and compassion, Kento decides to take on the responsibility of raising Anna. 

Details about the cast members are still unavailable. Fans can expect an impressive lineup considering the great minds at the helm of this Netflix anime project.

What we also do not know is the episode count of My Daemon. Will it have the usual 8-13 episodes per season or is there any surprise in store?


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