Twitter is now X – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Twitter is now X – Here’s Everything You Need to Know
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With Twitter getting a total redesign and a new name “X”, will Elon Musk’s decision of ditching the bluebird continue to impress users?

Now, another move of Elon Musk regarding Twitter has flabbergasted the Internet. One of the popular social media platforms, Twitter has undergone a name change after Musk’s move of rebranding Twitter. Meanwhile, with this, The letter X has officially replaced the blue bird logo.

Since Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, he is on the headlines for making unacceptable changes in the app. Now, it is rumored that the company will soon announce a revamped monetization structure for content creators.

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Besides, read more to know what the rebranding means for Twitter, the public, and the tech billionaire himself.

What is X?

As evident from Musk’s past ventures, he has a peculiar interest in the letter X. Meanwhile, his first startup, rebranded to PayPal after the merger. Additionally, Tesla’s first model was named the Model X. Not only this, but Musk’s venture SpaceX contains the letter X in its name. Furthermore, in the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he mentioned that his son’s name is pronounced as X.

Regardless of the reasons why this may be, there’s an underlying vision that he’s been pushing for years now. When the Twitter deal went through, he reportedly texted biographer Walter Isaacson and expressed his excitement over using Twitter as an accelerant in the implementation of

Twitter officially filed for a legal name change to X Corp.Previously, in April 2023, the famous blue bird logo was removed from the offices while being replaced with the updated logo, the letter X. 

What will the app do?

Netizens are confused about the updated specifications of the app with the logo change. However, these changes have been made to transform Twitter into a super-app. An instance of a super app is WeChat. The Superapp WeChat can pay your bills, buy stocks, shop online, and communicate with your friends and family. However, the app is mainly used by people in China and is not very popular in the West.


According to Elon Musk, Twitter will be used as an accelerant to create a super platform where users can use it for anything. With new and ongoing modifications in Twitter, users will be able to buy stocks or crypto, shop online, call a Taxi, engage with other people, and more. It might work similarly to Patreon but with more functionality. As a result, this app will work on a subscription model or pay-per-use basis. 

How does this affect Twitter?

Since the logo has changed from a bluebird to the letter X, Musk is constantly facing negative remarks from netizens. Besides, with the move, the chances of flipping the company to the next buyer just became extremely slim. As no one wants to take the risk of investing in a platform that is undergoing a massive identity shift.

Secondly, this change will also bring up advertising issues. Companies ought to spend millions of dollars on Twitter’s advertisements. Meanwhile, with advertisements, Twitter works much like any other social platform. Nevertheless, things can suspect a change after the rebranding. Hence, pushing the advertisers away!

The challenges

Although Musk’s super app decision has been widely appreciated by netizens, it will invite severe challenges for the app. One of the biggest challenges will be the lack of infrastructure support. Although more than two-thirds of the staff at Twitter was laid off after the acquisition, Twitter may have attracted a lot of criticism. Pivoting a company at this scale can prove to be extremely difficult.

Secondly, introducing a monthly subscription system can bring a major challenge for the app. In a world where social media is free, who would like to pay a monthly subscription? Even if it’s kept at $5 or $10, it’s a considerable amount in some developing countries. Although Twitter promises to keep a minimal subscription fee, it will face major disruption in the countries that are currently using the app because it is free.

Will the all-in-one platform provide enough value to substitute so many specialized apps?


By making Twitter a super app, Elon has made some significant promises to social media users. Although, we don’t know whether it lives up to the hype or fails to attract users and service providers. Besides, the capital which will be required to transform Twitter into a super app will be huge. Nevertheless, as we have seen unimaginable things happen, this might be possible too. 

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