Weapon Mounted Light vs. Laser: Which One Should You Choose?

Weapon Mounted Light vs. Laser: Which One Should You Choose?
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

Tactical accessories, like lights and lasers, have made targeting better for law enforcement agencies. They are now becoming increasingly indispensable because they are useful, creating a strong demand from private owners who want to upgrade their firearms. 

As a first-time or newbie owner, one of the many questions you may encounter is choosing between light and laser. Both have significant tactical advantages, making the selection process more challenging. 

So, to help you out, we’re providing the critical details you need to create a more informed decision tailored to your needs. 

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Pros and Cons of Weapon-Mounted Lasers

The following are some of the most notable advantages and disadvantages of using weapon-mounted lasers. 


Lasers are incredibly lightweight, providing a more agile gun handling in the field. For instance, if you’re hunting prey in the woods, this attachment will help you move your weapon quickly if you spot your target. Plus, the extra weight enables you to run after your target better. 

Additionally, lasers provide better targeting to shooters. This tool provides a visible point of impact on the target, helping you be more precise with your aim. That means lasers are also excellent for beginners wanting to achieve more effective shooting. The best part is that they don’t illuminate significantly, meaning you won’t spook the prey you’re hunting. 

Moreover, mounted lasers are among the cheapest weapon accessories you could buy today. 


Lasers are not ideal in low-light situations or dark environments. You can still use them at night, but they will only be effective if you can see your target well. 

Moreover, lasers may make you a bad shooter. Using one for an extensive period will make you dependent while aiming. If you become too reliant on this tool and it malfunctions on the field, it may affect your shooting precision. 

Misuse of lasers, mainly green ones, can also be dangerous. High-powered lasers can burn a person’s cornea, causing temporary blindness and other eye damage. Some countries penalize people who point a beam onto an aircraft because they pose a significant risk to everyone on board. 

Pros and Cons of Flashlights

Now, let’s move to some of the pros and cons of opting for weapon-mounted lights.


Many owners argue that flashlights are generally better than lasers. Regardless of the lumens you choose, a flashlight can illuminate areas of various sizes. This will give you better situational awareness while moving with your weapon. Plus, it will provide ample lighting to locate and recognize your target in the dark. 

Moreover, many flashlights available allow users to adjust their field of view. You can have the option to widen or narrow your light. You can adjust the beam according to weather, time, and target distance for better visibility. 


Flashlights are significantly the more expensive option in the market. If you compare prices in different shops, you’ll find that these attachments are double the price of lasers.  

Moreover, using a flashlight may broadcast your exact location, putting you at a tactical disadvantage. If you’re hunting, this eliminates the element of surprise unless your target is at a shooting distance and you don’t need to hide.

Lastly, flashlights are significantly larger and heavier than lasers. It may also be challenging to place your weapon in the holster with this attachment mounted on unless you have a specialized one dedicated to guns with flashlights. 

Bonus: The Flashlight-Laser Combo

If you have more budget for weapon attachments, consider purchasing a flashlight-laser combo. Here are some of the pros and cons of using them.


This tool allows you to toggle between flashlight and laser or use them simultaneously, depending on your situation. Because of that, this attachment provides versatility for all tactical situations. For instance, if you’re hunting, you can use a bright light to identify your target and a laser to aim precisely at it.


Unfortunately, this attachment draws power from the same battery. If you use your weapon often, you might drain your battery faster.

Incorporating a flashlight and laser can add more weight and bulk to the firearm. That means opting for this attachment could affect your weapon’s maneuverability, making it more challenging to point and shoot at your target. 

It’s also worth noting that some combo units may not be compatible with all firearm models or other accessory setups, meaning they’re not widely available for every owner. 

Flashlight or Laser: The Verdict

As mentioned before, flashlights and lasers offer different advantages to gun owners. Both are excellent choices, meaning it will all come down to preferences, requirements, and level of skills. It’s not a matter of one option being superior to the other. Instead, it’s about aligning your choice with your firearm needs and capacities. 

Consider the factors listed above and see which ones fit you perfectly.