What is a Sleeper Build? Know About The Viral TikTok Trend

What is a Sleeper Build? Know About The Viral TikTok Trend

If you are an avid TikTok user, you must have come across trending videos where semi-clothed users are flexing their muscles with loud music and a #sleeperbuild hashtag. However, many basic TikTok users are not versed in it and are constantly looking for it to update themselves with the trend. I mean Yes! flexing your fine muscles is great, but what with the trending hashtag “#sleeper build.” Hence, for those who are unversed, in this article, we’ve covered everything related to sleeper build meaning and how to get sleeper build.

What is a Sleeper Build Muscle?

If you have fined and toned muscles, but people are not aware of it, then it is a sleeper build. Usually, the gym enthusiast, who has gained a chiselled physique, shows it off on social media to let people know about their hard work and healthy body determination. Nevertheless, the context of Sleeper Build is exactly the opposite. Hence, that means, even though you have a muscular body, you have to pretend that you are a dork, and only flex when the music drops.

How to Get a Sleeper Build Body?

Since the TikToks with the hashtag #Sleeper build went viral, many users are manifesting to get a similar body. If you’re also wishing the same; however, not sure about how to start, we’ve got you with the following points,

1. Look After Your Diet

Although gaining a sleeper body isn’t rocket science; a resilient and determined mind can help you in paving the way for it. Not only this but if you are a little overweight, you cannot follow the trend. Hence, start by cutting extra carbs while continuing to eat a diet full of vegetables, Fish, and Chicken.

  1. Intake of regular meals, avoiding skipping breakfast or snacking late at night.
  2. Don’t practise any unusual diet by using Trending TikTok hacks. Meanwhile, despite healthy eating habits might be boring, they can give you the best outcomes.

2. Visit Gym Regularly, Lift Weights, and Prioritise Rep Counts

Along with an accurate diet, it is important to regulate weight training which is ideal for a “sleeper build body”. Hence, utilising free weight and machines can focus on performing a smaller number of reps with heavier weights

  1. Practise the bench press, pull-ups, barbell rows, and bicep curls to build your shoulder, arms, and chest muscles.
  2. For your lower body up, practice dumbbell squats, lateral lungs, and free-weight calf raises.
  3. For core tightening and toning, go for cable crunches, leg raises, and Russian Twists

Besides, the above-mentioned exercises and eating habits shouldn’t be skipped until you receive a perfectly toned body for displaying in “#sleeperbuild TikToks.” Along with it, there’s no such thing as the sleeper-build gym. Hence, if you are constantly searching for “What is Sleeper Build Gym?” you won’t find anything except the trend.

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How to Shoot a Sleeper Build Body TikTok?

Now, if you’re already an owner of the chiselled physique; however, are not sure about how to shoot the trending video. Worry not, as this write-up has also guided you to make sure you win in the trend. Check below,

Dress up in Clothes that’ll hide your muscles

Make sure that you wear clothes that hide your abs. Meanwhile, in many TikTox, we also witnessed users who wore too baggy clothes or dressed like a dork to make sure that they surprised viewers. However, never cover your forearms. Hence, this will make you look skinnier than you are. 

Moreover, you can also try stuffing your abs with extra clothes to pretend to be belly fat. However, going with the trend, you can reveal your masculine body which can get your fans and followers in awe.

What is a Sleeper Build? Know About The Viral TikTok Trend
Image by Scott Webb from Pixabay

Pick an Upbeat Song with an Impressive Drop

The surprising reveal will be more impactful with a piece of interesting background music. Hence, go for a hip-hop or EDM song and show off your body right when the music gets intense and impactful.

Reveal Your 6 pack abs as the beat drops

During the initial of your TikTok, behave dorky or weirdly like you are not doing impressive. However, as soon as the music beat drops, show off your sleeper-build body type. Hence, this will not only surprise your viewers but will fetch a huge amount of likes and fresh followers.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to lean towards the gym to make the TikTok impactful. Also, make sure to mention the hashtags “#sleeper build” and “#sleeper build boys.”

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Many social media users were constantly searching for “What does sleeper build mean?” Hence, in this article, we’ve entirely covered the sleeper build, how to make the video, and every aspect related to it. TikToks often challenge their users by bringing newly articulated trends. Moreover, many enthusiasts make sure to follow the latest trend for going viral over the Internet.

Nevertheless, one should never intend to hurt themselves or others to follow the trend. Make sure that TikTok is an entertainment platform and its only intent is to entertain its users.

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