What Is An LMS And What Can Be Done With It?

What Is An LMS And What Can Be Done With It?

LMS technology has already become a part of our society. Continuous learning is a must for being a qualified specialist in every industry. Various LMS solutions have become inseparable parts of the working process in SMBs or even large companies and entities. Do you wonder what a learning management system does? We extensively cover this topic today. 

What Does An LMS Mean?

An LMS is an online platform that allows people to learn digitally. The primary purpose of an LMS is to provide workers and learners with a convenient way to obtain the latest knowledge and master new skills. LMS is a gateway for people of all ages to continuous learning in a modern, convenient and engaging way. Let’s define learning management systems to have a better understanding of what an LMS is and how it is used:

L stands for Learning

The platform is the primary source of information and teaching materials. For example, AcademyOcean provides all the necessary tools to create customizable and adaptable courses, delivering essential knowledge and current information to learners. 

M is Management

Education to be efficient requires a lot of management. An e-learning LMS isn’t another document share tool or a place to store multiple files. It allows for managing learners, granting or withdrawing accesses, arranging quizzes, and monitoring results and progress. 

S is a System

LMS is a multiplatform digital system. Computer-based LMS automates the majority of boring and monotonous work. For example, you won’t need to grade your learners, prepare reports and gather analytics manually. It saves time and effort while providing a better result in a convenient form and way. 

Who Needs An LMS System?

After learning all the components of a learning management system, let’s discuss who needs and uses LMS solutions. It will help to answer why LMSs have become so popular. 

Small-Medium sized companies, organizations, and businesses. 

The list of entities that can benefit from using an LMS is enormous. Too often, people misleadingly believe that using an LMS is a lot of all big companies. It is no longer valid. Today, even the smallest entities can get an overwhelming advantage over their competitors.

Large Entities

Like SMBs, large companies, organizations, and entities need to train employees. Large companies need to train hundreds or thousands of people. It puts additional requirements on LMS solutions. 


Not only companies, organizations, and businesses of various sizes are benefiting from LMS in e-learning. These systems serve well for learners to improve their knowledge retention, engagement, and motivation by providing convenient and unlimited access to new knowledge. 

LMS Use Cases

The last aspect is how to use LMS to benefit from it. Let’s see where LMS solutions can be used.

1. Product knowledge

Such systems help to educate your employees by offering complete information about your products and services. It allows for delivering new learning courses and launching new products without delays. 

2. Onboarding

Hiring is hard, but LMS helps automate onboarding, making it pleasant and convenient for newcomers to get acquainted with your company policies.  

3. Continuous learning

An LMS solution can help create a continuous learning culture in your organization. Create new learning courses to ensure that your employees have up-to-date knowledge. 

4. Knowledge base 

You store all the learning information and content in the same spot. Workers will have access to the necessary information in their time of need. LMS solutions support every modern device, including tablets, phones, laptops, etc. 

5. Sales

Via an LMS, you can teach your sales personnel efficiently at any location and time. Train them to communicate with various customers, keep workers updated about your services, and run quizzes and tests to monitor their progress. 

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