What is “Skinwalker” in the 21st Century? Explore the History and Facts

Skinwalker: Real Origins, Hunts, and Reported Encounters

Skinwalker, an origin of Navajo culture (a reservation in the United States), is categorised as a harmful witch that reportedly could disguise, possess, and shapeshift as an animal. With the term never used for healers, the instances of an encounter with a skinwalker have enormously increased. At the same time, several of them are viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. In this article, we will discuss the Skinwalker, how they look, and how to kill a skinwalker.

What is Skinwalker?

As reported by the “Navajo SkinWalker Lore,” Skinwalkers are a kind of “possessed” creatures that can change shape and form according to their wish. Originating from the Navajo term “Yee Naaldlooshi”, it signifies a creature which can go in its “fours” in all other means.

Some members of the Navajo have a belief that these evil witches have the power of shapeshift, which allows them to turn into a human and an animal.

While there are a plethora of tales about “Skinwalkers”, the popular ones claim that they are “shamans/healers” or “medicine men” who originate from a secret society. Additionally, the tales recite how the skinwalkers participate in evil rituals that make them stripped of humanity. According to media houses, there had been incidents when a “Navajo tribe” avoided talking about the Skinwalkers. The reason detailed by the tribes is that talking about the “Skinwalkers” can attract them.

What Does a Skinwalker Look Like? Detailed Appearances

According to a report, Skinwalkers resemble creatures like werewolves. Nevertheless, they can shapeshift into what creature they want to be.

As reported by the Navajo Cultural values, Skinwalker has “red eyes” that can be visible in intense dark localities. Although Skinwalkers will not necessarily be a wolf or “werewolf;” however, their depiction can be similar to what animal they want to transform into.

Another report also claims that although Skinwalkers hold the capability of “Shapeshifting”, they will be de-shaped, which makes them identifiable among several animals like dogs, wolves, bears, or any other animals.

Besides, according to social media, the appearances, as of 2024, have listed are,

  • Skinwalker Deer
  • Skinwalker Dog
  • Skinwalker Fox
Skinwalker: Real Origins, Hunts, and Reported Encounters

What do Skinwalkers Do?

While there are several reasons behind a person transforming into a skinwalker, some of them are,

  • Initially, they were healers/medicine men. However, owing to corrupting one’s power or capabilities, it turns into an evil “Skinwalker.”
  • As a result of breaking social transgressions and “tribal taboos”, they were punished for transforming into a Skin Walker.
  • A person transforms into a skinwalker after they kill their members, leading them to become skinwalkers.

According to media houses, skinwalkers withhold several capabilities, including luring a person through depicted appearances and making them do things through their evil influence.

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Is Skinwalker Fake/Real?

Although skinwalkers still lack credible evidence that can assure the presence of Skinwalkers, there are incidents which might prove their existence. Some of the popular incidents are,

  • On the night of March 12, 1997, following the Skinwalker Ranch being sold off, biochemist Colm Kelleher, who was working with Bigelow’s National Institute for Discovery Sciences, encountered an unusual paranormal activity. He claimed to have witnessed a “weird paranormal creature” spying on the research team. 

As detailed in “The Hunt For Skinwalker,” the creature was about 50 yards away and was sneaking the team from a “tree perch” which was 20 feet off the ground. Colm Kelleher elaborates on the incident, which can be an instance of “skinwalker existence” as,

It was then that I saw it—a single, obvious oval track about six inches in diameter embedded deeply in the patch of snow… It looked unusual: a single large print in the snow with two sharp claws protruding from the rear of the mark going a couple of inches deeper. It almost looked like a bird of prey, maybe a raptor print, but huge and, from the depth of the print, from a very heavy creature.

  • There have been several reported sightings of “skinwalkers” as “skinwalker dogs”, and their clips have gone viral on social media. In a trend arousing on the social media TikTok, “Skinwalker” trends have some spooky videos which made several people believe in the existence of the “Skinwalker.”
Skinwalker: Real Origins, Hunts, and Reported Encounters

How to Kill a Skinwalker?

While some sources suggest that killing a skinwalker is possibly impossible, there are reported ideas that can weaken a skinwalker and can even kill it,

Skinwalker in Human Form

While there are lower chances to kill a skinwalker in human form, there are tips that can weaken a skinwalker or even kill it.


According to expert sources, by using positive magic, one can kill or get rid of the Skinwalker.

White Ash Dipped Bullet

Another confirmed way to kill a skinwalker is to short a skinwalker in its neck with a bullet dipped in white ash.


Since Skinwalkers are vulnerable, the only metal that can kill them is Silver. With any object made of Silver, you can kill a skinwalker, as stated by an expert.

Final Words

In essence, skinwalkers have been a social media speculation since a list of related videos has gone viral on the internet. Although evil witches have been present for ages, many individuals have reported encountering them in several eras. Besides, if you are not familiar with Skinwalker or are searching for “How to Kill a Skinwalker” to avoid any spooky experience, you can have a look at our detailed guide on the “Internet Trending Witch.”

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