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Whatsapp New Privacy Policy: May 15 Deadline For Accepting It!

Whatsapp New Privacy Policy: May 15 Deadline For Accepting It!

There has been a lot of confusion related to the changes in the privacy policy of WhatsApp. People have started to spread rumors that WhatsApp will be deleted for those users who will not approve of the privacy policy. Finally, it has come out with a clear declaration on what will be the consequences of neglecting and not accepting its privacy policies.

It has been mentioned that accounts of such users will stop working ultimately. WhatsApp will not delete the accounts right away instead initially it would give gentle reminders to the users to accept the privacy policy. The app will start sending the alerts after May 15. Moreover, it will make certain changes in the application that will make it very annoying for the users to use WhatsApp without accepting the policy. 

What If You Not Accept The Privacy Policy?

WhatsApp will start curbing the functions like taking away access to open chats. Users will be able to open the chats only through the notification that will pop when someone else sends any message to the user. It means that the user will be able to reply to those messages and pick up WhatsApp calls. Then gradually, users will be restricted to open the chats list completely. The application will stop delivering any calls or messages to the user. 

Later on, if the user still doesn’t revert to the privacy policy then their application will be made completely useless. Also, it has acknowledged that the accounts of the users won’t be deleted before 120 days of inactivity. Yet, the users will have an opportunity to export their chat records and download a report of their accounts.

Whatsapp New Privacy Policy: May 15 Deadline For Accepting It!

Is there any official information available?

WhatsApp has also responded to the rising concerns about the privacy of the users being affected. It has mentioned that the goal is simply to enable WhatsApp to contact businesses in the future and not to intervene in the privacy of users. The details of not accepting the privacy policies have also been updated on the FAQ page of WhatsApp. Any further queries of the user can be resolved through that.

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