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Orange Is The New Black Season 8: Netflix Did This To The Fans?

Orange Is The New Black Season 8: Netflix Did This To The Fans?
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Orange is the New Black is a fantastic series that includes a young New Yorker sentenced to around 15 months of jail for smuggling drugs. This show gathered lots of views and became immensely popular. This critically acclaimed series won millions of hearts, and all the cast and crew were highly praised for their roles. Orange, the new black series, also focused on discrimination and other issues.

So, if you are wondering whether Orange is the New Black season 8 will happen anytime or not, then here is the information and details. So stay hooked and dive into the details below. Stay glued to us. Without wasting any more time, let’s hit right below. Keep reading to find out.

Orange is the New Black Season 8 Release Date

It is unfortunate news for all the fans that season 8 of Orange is the New Black is not happening anytime soon, as the series has already ended after its seventh season. It was announced in October 2018 that Orange is the New Black season 7 would be the last, and there would not be any series after that.

Orange is the New Black Season 8 Cast

Orange is the New Black season 7 had several great actors who played brilliantly on the screen, including Adrienne Moore, Yael Stone, Danielle Brooks, and Nick Sandow, to name a few, who made the show flourish. It has also been reported that Taylor Schilling will continue playing the role in the 8th season of Orange is the New Black. 

We cannot imagine any other character playing in season 8. The original characters were very much cherished and loved by the audience. Though some cast members have expressed their desire to be part of the eighth season, this has yet to be confirmed.

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Orange is the New Black Season 8 Trailer

This comedy-drama series is rated as one of the most watched on Netflix and still has its effects on people, and that’s the reason why people, particularly fans of this series, are so eagerly waiting for its next season, season 8. 

Initially, it was reported that Orange is the New Black would only have seven seasons, and hence, its 8th season was not anywhere in the chart, so it was not planned, but it was later that the makers felt the need to launch its 8th season. 

Yes, there is a big possibility of launching Orange in the New Black season 8. So this is good news for the fans. So get hooked on this series until season 8, releases.

Video by Netflix

Season 8 of Orange is the New Black

Orange is the new black series, all about drug cases and imprisonment. From focusing on the mental ability of the women living in prison to showcasing different communities, this series has covered every aspect. 

Undoubtedly, it got good ratings, and many people have applauded the work. Having won multiple awards, this comedy-drama series has gained immense success, all thanks to the great story, cast, crew, and, obviously, the fans’ love.

Where Can I Watch Orange is the New Black Season 8?

Though season 8 is not currently on the cards, you can watch all its other series. It is streaming on Netflix, and if the 8th season comes into the picture, then that will also be launched on Netflix.

When Will Orange is the New Black Season 8 Release?

As discussed earlier, there is no confirmed news of the launch of season 8, though there is speculation. There are rumors that season 8 will be back soon, but to confirm its date, exists.

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Will there be an Orange is the New Black Season 8?

Well, this is the most talked about question that every fan keeps asking, “Will there be orange in the new Black season 8?” There is no confirmed news; however, there is a chance that it will happen soon, and if it is released, then it will be a straight hit, and there is no doubt about that. Fans have been waiting to get the good news soon, and we hope for the same.


All the seasons of Orange is the New Black have been thoroughly enjoyed by the audience, which leaves them wanting more. It made the audience stay glued to the screen throughout. However, we would like to conclude that there is no update for the release of the upcoming season 8. 

Though we will keep you updated on any news related to season 8 release day, until then, you can continue watching its other seasons. Head straight to Netflix and watch with your friend.

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