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Who are The Top 10 Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women?

Who are The Top 10 Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women Today?

Situated in the southeast corner of the Asian continent, Thailand is a magnificent country. Popular for its sultry beaches, luxuriant royal palaces, opulent Buddha temples, and ancient ruins, Thailand is also home to some of the most successful and most beautiful Thai women. These women are the true embodiment of beauty. Blessed with natural features, these most beautiful Thai women are super successful in their lives as well as their respective careers.

If you take a good look around, you will see Thai women making history in a variety of fields. Be it in politics, athletics, cinema, or modeling, women from Thailand are leaving their mark everywhere. So if you are looking forward to knowing the hottest women in Thailand, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading the following article to learn more about these beautiful Thai ladies, as we’ve created a list of beautiful Thai women just for you.

Top 10 Hottest and Beautiful Thai Women in 2024

1. Amanda Obdam

Amanda Obdam Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women

Amanda Obdam is currently trending as one of the most beautiful Thai women in 2024. This super-hot Thai model is of Canadian descent. She is the titleholder of the 2020 pageant Miss Universe Thailand. In 2016, Amanda also won the Miss Tourism Metropolitan International title. Born on June 17, 1993, in Phuket, Amanda Obdam is the second person to win Miss Universe Thailand consecutively.

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2. Davika Hoorne

Davika Hoorne Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women

Davika Hoorne is a name we’re all aware of. She is one of the most popular celebrities in Thailand. Born on May 16, 1992, in Bangkok, Davika is a successful Thai actress. Her name comes among the highest-paid celebrities in Thailand. She is widely popular in Thailand as well as in other Southeast Asian countries. Davika is the spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris. She has also appeared on the cover pages of several reputed magazines. Some of her most notable works include Suddenly Twenty and Heart Attack.

3. Praya Lundberg

Praya Lundberg Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women

Born in Bangkok, Nataya Lundberg (popularly known as Praya Lundberg) is a Thai actress and model. This 33-year-old lady is the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the first Goodwill Ambassador from Southeast Asia. This talented and beautiful Thai actress started her acting career with Rak Dai Mai Tar Hua Jai Mai Pean, a Thai TV series. Some of her most notable works include Nang Sao Som Lon and Stranger Girl in a Strange Land. Praya got her first break in the film industry with the 2006 comedy Maa Kap Phra.

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4. Chalita Suansane

Chalita Suansane Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women

Born in 1994 in Nonthaburi, Thailand, Chalita Suansane is a young, beautiful Thai woman. In 2016, Chalita won the title of Miss Universe Thailand. She has made her way into both the fashion and film industries in Thailand. She is extremely popular and has a massive fan base. Some of Chalita’s greatest works include Pah Rak Chang, Sarb Kraseu, Tawan Tok Din, Preng Lap Lae, and The Secret.

5. Kanya Rattanapetch

Kanya Rattanapetch Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women

Kanya Rattanapetch is a very talented actress and one of the most famous celebrities in Thailand. She was born on November 2, 1989. Rattanapetch began her acting career with a horror movie when she was just 13 years old. Kanya played the character of Ying in the 2007 romance-drama mystery Rak Haeng Siam, which brought her massive success and popularity. Naak Soo Maha Gaan, Pain in Love, Sapai Glai Peun Tiang, and Sick Nurses are examples of some of Kanya’s greatest work.

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6. Pitchanart Sakhakorn

Pitchanart Sakhakorn Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women

Pitchanart Sakhakorn is a veteran actress from Bangkok, Thailand. Sakhakorn has a bachelor’s degree from the Assumption University of Thailand. She is a great actress with a huge number of appearances in several music videos, TV sitcoms, TV dramas, and Thai cinema. Some of Pitchanart’s most notable works include Pattaya Maniac, Black Nights, Buppah Rahtree Phase 2: Rahtree Returns, and The Victim.

7. Khemanit Jamikorn

Khemanit Jamikorn Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women

Born on May 27, 1988, Khemanit Jamikorn is one of the most beautiful women in Thailand. She is an extremely popular face whom her fans know by the nickname Pancake. Khemanit is a great actress, singer, and model from Thailand. In 2004, she won the title of the Thai Supermodel Contest and later won Model of the World 2004 in China.

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8. Mookda Narinrak

Mookda Narinrak Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women

It would be unfair if we talked about the hottest Thai women in 2024 and did not include Mookda Narinrak. Mookda is popularly known as Mook among her fans. She is a dancer, actress, and model who originally hails from the Ranong Province of Thailand. Mookda went to the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, where she majored in communication arts. She has appeared in a plethora of television series, movies, and music videos, such as Kamin Gub Poon, Panthakan Ruk, Koei Baan Rai Sapai Hi-So, Petra Narumit, My Boss is a Serial Killer, and Kae Kon Tee Aep Rup. Mookda won the title of Miss Teen Thailand in 2011.

9. Paweensuda Drouin

Paweensuda Drouin Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women

Paweensuda Drouin is the top beauty queen of Thailand in 2024. She is the winner of the 2019 Miss Universe Thailand, the second runner-up for the 2017 Miss Universe Thailand, and the first runner-up for the 2013 Miss Thailand beauty pageant. She participated in the 2017 Miss Thailand Earth pageant and made her way into the top 8. Born on October 13, 1993, Paweensuda is not only one of the most beautiful models in Thailand but also a DJ by profession.

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10. Farung Yuthithum

Farung Yuthithum Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women

Farung Yuthithum, whom her fans know as Kwang, is an actress, model, and beauty pageant winner from Pathum Thani, Thailand. Born on April 6, 1987, Farung is considered to be one of the sexiest women in Thailand. She participated in the 2007 Miss Universe pageant, where she made her way into the top 15. Farung Yuthithum began her modeling career at a young age, and her passion coupled with immense hard work brought her to where she stands now. She was a first-year student at the Rajamangala University of Technology, Thanyabury, when she won her very first major beauty pageant title, Miss U-League 2006. She has worked in two TV series, such as Sao 5 and Sao 5 Ton Tabtim Sayarm.


To conclude, these were the top ten most beautiful Thai women. The country is known for its rich culture, along with the charming women that are found there.