Who Is Granolah in Dragon Ball? Learn Everything about the Bounty Hunter

Who Is Granolah in Dragon Ball? Learn Everything about the Bounty Hunter

Granolah has proven to be the most formidable nemesis Goku and Vegeta have encountered thus far. But who is this enigmatic bounty hunter?

The appearance of a certain character has been stirring up conversation among fans. His name is Granolah. He hasn’t made an anime debut yet. But the grand events in the manga have caused some to consider him one of the best new characters so far. So who exactly is this mysterious figure? What part does he play in Dragon Ball Super? And most importantly, what ties does he share with Goku and Vegeta? To find out more about Granolah, read on for all you need to know.

Granolah Makes his 1st Appearance in Dragon Ball Super

In chapter 67 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, Granolah appears on the scene to infiltrate a ship. Granolah DBS defeats all those onboard in order to take control of OG73-1’s remains. It is an artificial being that had been causing trouble for Goku and his friends in the prior arc.

In chapter 68, we learn that Granolah is a mysterious bounty hunter working for a collective known as the Heeters. He keeps his conversations short and to the point. But one can’t ignore how skilled he is at sniping. It is an ability that sets him apart from other hunters in the same group.

Granolah’s Childhood

Granolah hails from the planet Cereal, a world inhabited by both Cerealians and Namekians. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Frieza’s forces targeted this planet. His Saiyan minions transformed into giant apes while hundreds of his troops razed their way through the planet. It lead to the destruction of Cereal and left Granolah and a Namekian man named Monaito as its sole survivors.

After the destruction, The Heeters became the intermediaries. They sold Cereal to a race known as The Sugarians who had been searching throughout space for a new home. Half of a century later, both Granolah and Monaito now peacefully cohabit with their Sugarian neighbors. Through their hard work and dedication, the Sugarians have built a civilization that flourishes within Cereal’s atmosphere.

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Granolah as a Bounty Hunter

Fueled by his rage and ardent desire for revenge, Granolah continuously trains every day. He does that to sharpen both his physical prowess and sniper-like accuracy. He takes up the role of a bounty hunter and gains popularity. He finally becomes one of the most acclaimed in town.

The Heeters were impressed by Granolah’s abilities and offered him a job as their official bounty hunter. With every passing year, he rose in rank. Granolah soon became one of the topmost hunters in all of space. All this while, his goal was still revenge. He only bid his time for the opportunity to enact it.

Who Is Granolah in Dragon Ball? Learn Everything about the Bounty Hunter

The Dragon Balls

Granolah has been aware of Monaito’s Dragon Ball for a while. Yet he struggled to locate the rest of them needed to call the dragon. Until one day he hears about a Sugarian who stumbled upon another Dragon Ball in a crevice near a river.

Granolah was aware that his current strength would not be sufficient to overcome Frieza. He determined a different path to secure unprecedented power. He infiltrated the Sugarian’s fortress and stole their Dragon Ball. It was the only source of ultimate mightiness in existence. In exchange for 150 years of his life, the dragon granted him an almighty wish: To be the strongest being across all galaxies.

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Battle Against Goku and Vegeta

In a bid to eliminate the ever-persistent Granolah, The Heeters have lured Goku and Vegeta into battle. Vegeta vs Granolah and Goku vs Granolah: the fight will be the ultimate decision-maker. Goku and Vegeta know that they will be safeguarding Planet Cereal from evil forces. But that is a lie. These two Saiyans are deceived as they prepare for an epic duel with Granolah.

Heeters discloses to Granolah that Frieza has sent two of his most lethal warriors to stop Granolah’s quest to kill him. And so begins a catastrophic battle between two Saiyans filled with unbridled aggression and an enraged man who is now the universe’s strongest being. All are driven by one goal: revenge.

What will happen as Granolah and Goku & Vegeta battle against one another? We can only speculate on the possibilities that await us in this manga’s future. To find out what lies ahead for our hero, you must stay up to date with Dragon Ball Super’s newest chapters.


How strong is Granolah?

Granolah became the strongest mortal in existence during the story. His strength even surpassed the tremendous power of Goku himself.

Why is Granolah so strong?

In exchange for sacrificing a century and a half of his life, the dragon rewarded him with a wish. It was to be the strongest among all living creatures in the galaxy.

How did Granolah beat Mui Goku?

Vegeta had no time to warn Goku as Granolah teleported and attacked one of Goku’s vulnerable points. It sent him somersaulting across the planet before finally succumbing to unconsciousness.

When does Vegeta fight Granolah?

The pattern breaks when Vegeta finally unleashes his true potential in Chapters #74 and #75 of the DBS manga. The fight is even more riveting than when he fought Goku as Majin Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z.

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