10 Things that Set Levi Ackerman Apart from Everybody Else

10 Things that Set Levi Ackerman Apart from Everybody Else

Captain Levi Ackerman from Attack On Titan has charmed the fandom world like never before. His tranquil, collected attitude and incomparable combat skills have made him one of the most celebrated characters. His popularity is not just limited to Attack On Titan but across all shonen anime.

Levi Ackerman has become one of the most popular characters within the Attack On Titan franchise, and it’s obvious why. His story arc is filled with beauty and power that captivates fans across all demographics. Even though he tends to keep his emotions under wraps, we get a glimpse into Levi’s inner turmoil as his tale continues to unfold throughout each season. With an unwavering appeal, Levi simply never fails to bring forth his no-nonsense attitude in every situation.

Let us now delve deep into the 10 things that make Levi one of a kind.

1. Levi Ackerman is Cool

The Cool Type often involves a powerful traumatic reveal from the past to make them more sympathetic and attractive to fans. This is evidenced through Levi’s life. His life in the slums was difficult, and he was involved in criminal activities which are uncovered. It gives viewers another angle of appreciation for him — thus elevating him to ‘cool’ status even further.

2. An Unsung Hero From The Subterranean Depths

By the time Levi’s uncle Kenny found him, he was already half dead. Kenny raised Levi as a thief himself in an attempt to guarantee their survival in the tumultuous world of crime. But, this mode of parenting proved detrimental to his growth and development. To make ends meet while living among the gritty slums of The Underground, Levi resorted to anything necessary.

3. Levi is Sincerely Compassionate

Levi Ackerman’s composed poise does not equate to a lack of emotion. In fact, one of his most attractive characteristics is the heartfelt empathy that lies in his heart. His moments of compassion are especially highlighted in stark contrast with his no-nonsense and dispassionate energy.

4. He Operates With A Unsettled Moral Compass

Levi’s moral compass has been shaped by the various experiences he encountered throughout his life. He knows better than to approach any situation with a one-sided mindset. This is evident in Attack On Titan. In Episode 39 of the series, Levi comforts Armin when he reluctantly kills an innocent woman for Jean’s sake. Similarly in Episode 55, Levi struggles between choosing Erwin or Amin’s fate without sacrificing morals along the way.

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5. Levi Pulls No Verbal Punches

Levi is nothing if not straightforward. He’s always eager to express his thoughts and opinions on every topic or choice that comes up. In Episode 13, he looked Eren in the eye as he declared to Erwin that he’d slaughter him right away should things turn bad. Yet immediately afterward allowed Eren into the Survey Corps.

6. Levi Wanted To Kill Erwin Smith before They were Friends

At the start of their relationship, Levi and Commander Erwin stood as adversaries. It was well known that Nicholas Lovof hired him to take out Erwin. The commander still sought out Levi in an attempt to enlist him into his Scout Regiment and as time passed, they formed an unbreakable bond.

Levi could not forgive the way Erwin had humiliated and degraded him during their initial encounter which lead to an intense animosity towards the Commander. His intentions were clear. He wanted revenge and would stop at nothing until Erwin was dead. It took a tragedy for Levi to recognize that his desire for vengeance blindsided what truly mattered in life, ultimately altering his viewpoint of Erwin forever.

10 Things that Set Levi Ackerman Apart from Everybody Else

7. He’s Adorably Short

Levi, at 32 years of age, stands only 5 feet and 2 inches tall. A height that sets him apart from his peers. Usually, in anime series, shorter men are often younger than Levi and grow to be much taller by the time they reach adulthood.

8. Levi and Mikasa are Related

Fans of Attack On Titan were delighted to learn that the two strongest soldiers in the series, Mikasa and Levi, shared a common bloodline. Unknown to viewers, they belonged to an elite race of super-humans bred by Eldian royalty for their protection. It was a huge surprise that fans did not know existed.

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9. Levi Likes Things Squeaky Clean

It’s possible that Levi’s obsession with cleanliness originated from his upbringing in the dismal and musty tunnels of the capital. Yet viewers have presented a glimpse into how meticulous he is when it comes to tidiness. His home shared alongside Isabel and Furlan within the Underground is unmistakably immaculate, exemplified in “No Regrets.”

10. Levi Has His Own Style For Wielding ODM Gear

Although Levi had not received any kind of training for ODM gear, he was able to teach himself how to use it. Thanks to his mastery of the machinery, Levi’s techniques and tactics set him apart from the other Scouts. Unlike them, he taught himself how to flip one blade behind him instead of holding both blades upright. This form enabled him to carry out a rapid spiral slicing move that was perfect for speed and eliminating Titans with ease.


Who is Levi Ackerman?

Levi Ackermann is the most influential soldier in the Survey Corps. He is also the leader of the Special Operations Squad.

How old is Levi Ackerman in season 1?

According to the Attack on Titan Wiki, Isayama himself confirmed that Levi is in his early 30s.

How tall is Levi Ackerman in feet?

He is 5’3” tall.

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