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Who Is Misty Severi: An Emerging Example Of Ethical Journalism

Who Is Misty Severi: An Emerging Example Of Ethical Journalism

Misty Severi is a news reporter working at the Washington Examiner. She is renowned for her honest and truthful journalism. She holds a bachelor’s degree with a double major in history and global journalism. The journalist has been showing her commitment to work and has proven to be an emerging example of ethical journalism in the world. Specializing in global politics, US military affairs, and history, she has earned immense recognition in the industry. Her insightful approach to facts has made her one of the most reliable journalists who does not fall behind in presenting her facts straight.

Early Education

According to her author bio on the Washington Examiner website, Misty completed her undergraduate degree at California Baptist University in 2021. She has a double major in history and global journalism.

Due to her educational background in history, Severi has been amazing at serving relations between current world events and drawing conclusions via her reporting. Moreover, she is known for her work on European and international politics and American-European history. Her rich knowledge of history and curiosity regarding world events have proven to be beneficial to her career.

Misty’s unbiased and accurate reporting and journalism are a result of her scholarly approach and background in global journalism. A reporter must be curious and an expert on the topics, and Misty’s education has made it possible for her to become popular in such a short period of time.

Who Is Misty Severi: An Emerging Example Of Ethical Journalism

Shining Career

Her dedication and commitment to accurate and ethical journalism have made her popular and respected in the industry. The kind of reporting she has done in her career is well appreciated and ranges from a variety of topics. She has done exclusive coverage of the British prime minister elections. Her unique reporting style was apparent to everyone when she had a conversation with former British Premier Liz Truss. The human touch she gives to her journalism gives the audience insight beyond what the media shows. She fills the gap between leaders and citizens by asking personal and detailed questions on various topics. 

Further, she has also covered the royal family, including the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the coronation of King Charles III. Her writing is direct and accurate, making it easier for the common people to understand the facts and bringing them closer to reality. Moreover, Severi’s insightful approach to politics, along with its historical significance, has made her reporting portfolio varied and commendable. Her stories are filled with compassion for everyone, be it the common man or powerful world leaders. In addition, her human-centric approach to the journalism industry highly showcases her commitment to the readers and explains why the Washington Examiner has become a credible news source.

Skills of Misty Severi

The journalist is proficient in a lot of tasks. She excels at multitasking tasks, along with public speaking and writing. Due to her journalism career, she has become familiar with many skills, such as news writing, reporting, and photography. 

She has also received an endorsement from her university, California Baptist University, in writing. Misty was praised for her news writing, breaking news, camera handling, and photographic skills.

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What Makes Misty Severi Different?

There are many journalists out there, but Severi has such qualities that make her unique and stand out among other professionals in the industry.

Ethical Journalism

While we are all aware of the current methods of reporting, Misty’s dedication makes the common reader believe that ethical journalism still exists. She is committed to true reporting and presents all the facts of a story rather than focusing on sensationalism.

Who Is Misty Severi: An Emerging Example Of Ethical Journalism


One of the main priorities of Severi is to be thorough in her fact-checking and research. She ensures that her articles are not misinformative and are accurate. Her keenness for accuracy makes her one of the most reliable journalists in today’s world. She also encourages others in the industry to follow the same idealistic path and refrain from making falsified news.

Unbiased Reporting

It is getting more challenging day by day to find unbiased sources of news. However, if there were more journalists like Misty Severi, it might get easier. Presenting the story from all its angles allows readers to form their own opinions rather than basing their opinions on others’ views. She believes that the job of journalists is not to influence public opinion but to make them informed.

Following Journalism Standards

Along with her accurate and unbiased reporting, Misty makes sure to follow codes of ethical journalism. Her content meets all the ethical guidelines.


Like any famous personality, Misty has had her fair share of allegations. Though nothing huge, some people have accused her of being biased as she works for an allegedly conservative publication, the Washington Examiner. 


To sum up, Misty Severi has become an amazing example of unbiased journalism in today’s era. Her unique insights on history and global journalism have made her well-respected and successful in her career.

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