Why Are Phone Calls Still So Important For Business?

Why Are Phone Calls Still So Important For Business?

No matter whether you’re a new business or a well-established one, talking to your customers on the phone is still important. Even as texting begins to dominate personal relationships, customers still want to call up businesses and talk to a real person. 

But why is this? What makes phone calls so important that businesses just can’t let them go? Let’s find out. 

People Don’t Want To Talk To Robots

Talking to a chatbot briefly can yield a satisfying experience for most customers. However, nobody really wants to talk to a robot because they can never fully understand what you are trying to say to them. 

Customer service reps alter this dynamic. Even if they offer essentially the same outcomes as a chatbot, callers believe that the person on the other end of the line empathizes with them, and wants to help. 

It Helps Define Lead Quality

Phone calls also allow you, as the business, to determine your lead quality. It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether you’re onto a sale or not when you text someone or communicate with them via your website’s contact form. However, when you phone them, you often learn a lot more about them in a short space of time and can work out whether they are worth pursuing or not. 

Reduced Complexity

Just picking up and talking to someone on the phone is much easier for both businesses and customers, particularly if you have CRM phone integration. Customers can explain their issues to you in detail and you can respond in kind, telling them precisely what they need to do. A single phone call is often able to save hours of email writing and get issues fixed far more rapidly. 

Boost Marketing Campaigns

Engaging customers during marketing campaigns is essential. Any outreach you do should compel them to act in ways that help your firm and assist your brand. Getting them to sign up to your email list is one thing, but if you can get them to call you, that’s even better. 

Today’s digital platforms are making it easier than ever to provide customers with your telephone number so that they can immediately get in contact with you. For instance, you can now get buttons that allow customers to call you directly from their smartphones automatically, even if they are accessing your content on a different device. 

Improve Your Brand Image

Perhaps the most important benefit of having a phone number, though, is that it boosts your brand image. Customers see that you’re a real person they can talk to whenever they want. All they have to do is pick up the phone, even if they never bother. 

Giving customers a confidence boost like this can be the difference between them buying from you and not. Having a phone number is a type of reassurance for them that you are who you say you are, and that you can help them when they need you. Allow them to contact you through multiple apps that support phone functionality, including WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook.

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