Why Your Business Still Needs A Printer

Why Your Business Still Needs A Printer

In 2021, you may well think that the need to have a printer or even printers in your office is no longer there. Surely, with the push to go paperless and to become more green gaining momentum, a printer is simply taking up space? Not only that, but it’s a potential security issue too. 

However, even though having a printer means you have to ask what is a managed service provider and what makes a good one to ensure you don’t have a problem with hackers and cybercrime, there are still many reasons to keep one in your business. Read on to find out what they are. 

Why Your Business Still Needs A Printer

Your Customers Might Not Be Paperless 

Achieving a paperless office is certainly possible with some hard work and some new approaches to the way you do things, and it’s a good idea to try to do this as far as you can. When you are paperless, you are producing less waste, and you can become generally more energy efficient and better for the environment. On top of that, you can save money on your paper usage. 

However, just because you are paperless (and therefore don’t need a printer), that doesn’t mean your customers are. They might need to have paper copies of invoices, contracts, packing slips, even brochures and company information. Emailing this information is acceptable in some cases, but not all, and without a printer, you won’t be able to make all your customers happy. Having a printer means everyone can have exactly what they want. 

The Backup Plan 

We continue to be told that the cloud is the best place to store important documents, and that is true – having a cloud account means that all the sensitive data that is kept in your business can be removed from your internal systems and is therefore much safer when it comes to cybercriminals trying to steal it. 

However, a paper backup can often be just as useful. We’re not talking about sensitive documents that give away bank details, passwords, or contact information, but general company information that could be required in the case of an emergency is always good to have copies of. Imagine if there were a technological problem that meant you needed to have some downtime – if you had paper copies of some documents, work could still be completed. 

Real Mail

Having a printer means you can create real mail for people. Rather than emailing, which is now so commonplace that many emails are never read, you can make your business stand out by printing off marketing material or even personal correspondence and mailing it. 

The surprise of getting something other than a bill or a flyer in the mail, something in an envelope that someone has taken the time to address and send, will help your business stick in the mind, and if you have the right content as well, then you can potentially gain a lot of new business. Any kind of unusual marketing tactic is a good idea, but there is something about going retro and mailing out letters that is sure to capture many people’s imaginations. 

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