4 Areas In Which The World is Improving

4 Areas In Which The World is Improving

No one’s going to say that the world is in perfect shape. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to argue that it’s in good shape. There are a lot of problems out there that need addressing. However, it would be equally wrong to suggest that the world is in terrible shape. That’s the view that many people get just by reading the news, but the reality is far different. Humans are doing a lot better in some key metrics than many of us give credit for. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the key areas where things are getting better — and which will hopefully continue to get better in the future.

We’re Living Longer

OK, some people might not see this as a good thing, but most of us will — humans are living longer than ever before. That’s an achievement because it didn’t just happen all on its own. It’s not as if our DNA is any different from people who were living three hundred years ago. Humans have put pieces in place that allow societies to grow into old age at a more consistent rate. It was only around 150 years ago that the average life expectancy in Europe was 36 years old. Today, it’s more than seventy years old. 

Extreme Poverty is Decreasing

There are plenty of people who would say that the last couple of decades has not been all that positive. But there are hundreds of millions of other people who very much have a different view. They’re the people who have been lifted out of extreme poverty in recent decades. It’s hard to fathom how bleak it is to live in extreme poverty. In fact, words wouldn’t do it justice. Since 1990, hundreds of millions of people across the world have escaped extreme poverty, which should be celebrated as a phenomenal human achievement. 

Inequality is Falling

There are some corners of the world, such as the United States, where inequality has widened over the past couple of decades. But that’s not a trend that we see across the globe, where, in general, inequality is falling. While there’s still a long way to go to achieve gender equality, much progress has already been made. And if the organizations that have helped to make those improvements continue to have success, then the battle may well be won within our lifetimes. 

Renewable Energy is on the Rise

Finally, there’s the matter of the environment. This is often the silver bullet for people who have a more negative view of the world. While things are slowly improving in certain areas, climate change is getting worse — and there won’t be any opportunity to undo the damage later on. However, there is some cause to be hopeful. There’s been a significant investment and development in renewable energy, which is hitting all-time highs. It’ll take a while for the effects of this progress to be felt, but it does show that we may be able to avoid climate catastrophe anyway. 

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