4 Eye-Catching Online Casino Games

4 Eye-Catching Online Casino Games
4 Eye-Catching Online Casino Games

Frequent casino visitors are constantly looking for new and interesting games to grab their attention. Standard versions of games like poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, etc. are not delivering the same level of excitement as their lesser-known variants. For this reason, many new and existing players are flipping through pages of available online casino games in the hopes of finding a game that will catch their eye.

Luckily, you won’t have to spend any more time looking for the perfect game to enjoy after a tiresome day at work. We have prepared a short but much-needed list of the top four games that will bring extra excitement into your day. Take a look below.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti or Indian poker, as it’s known in some countries, is a card game that originated in India and is popular in South Asia. Now, it’s slowly but surely making its way onto other continents with more players intrigued by this thrilling game. The number of players is variable, but there’s a maximum of ten in one game. It is played with one full deck of cards — 52.

There are about 14 variations of the game with numerous limits, various moves, and betting types. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can play Teen Patti at LeoVegas. Good luck!

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker is an interesting variation on this Chinese domino game, this time played with cards. Most top-grade online casinos offer Pai Gow poker in their online portfolios as it draws a lot of attention, but not many players opt for this game as they think it’s complicated.

On the contrary, the player is dealt seven cards at the start with the aim to sort the cards into five-card and two-card poker hands. If both of your hands beat the dealer’s hands, you win according to the paytable. If you win only one hand, the result is considered a tie, and the game starts again. You can also check the auto-split option to help you navigate the game.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is one of the most popular casino games both online and in land-based casinos in Macau and all over Asia. The game is fast and exciting, so most players find it a bit intimidating.

However, it’s not challenging to learn the rules of the online version of Sic Bo. All you need to do is place wagers on the outcomes of three-dice rolls. The combination that proves to be the rarest brings the highest payout for the winning player.

Card Craps

Card Craps is an unusual card game based on the standard craps game which uses dice. Two rows of six cards, acting as the dice, are laid on the table once shuffled. The player pretends to roll the dice but instead calls out two numbers corresponding to the rows of cards. The value of the throw equals the value of the cards in those positions.

Card Craps take longer to master, but the overall pleasure of playing this game is worth it. Currently, five different bet types add to the excitement of this relatively new card game.

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