4 Ways to Protect Your Employees Outside the Office

4 Ways to Protect Your Employees Outside the Office
4 Ways to Protect Your Employees Outside the Office

Remote working is becoming an increasingly popular trend for a variety of businesses. If you can do your job anywhere, why not take the chance to work from home, a cafe, or the other side of the world? However, while your workplace will have safety policies and procedures in place, the same cannot be said on the remote side of things. However, you are still responsible for ensuring employee safety, no matter where they are.

Check-In On Them 

Remote working can be lonely, so while you don’t need to leer over your staff every hour of the day, you can still check in on them to make sure they are getting on okay. As they cannot speak to you in your office, they may be reluctant to seek help, impacting their mental well-being, and causing unnecessary stress. If you check in on them, they will understand you are there to support them, and you may be able to help them find solutions to any issues they are facing.

Vet Clients Thoroughly 

You expect that all clients you come across will have your company’s and your staff’s best interests in mind. However, this is not always the case. If your employees are meeting clients remotely, there’s the risk that the client will try to take advantage of them and work out a deal that does not benefit your business at all. Likewise, they may need to meet in a sketchy part of town, which could be unsafe for someone unfamiliar with the area. To prevent any incidents, be sure to vet the clients and the location to keep your staff safe.

Provide the Right Equipment 

If your staff is working on construction or in a factory, you need to ensure you provide the correct equipment for them to complete the job successfully and safely. This includes providing sufficient PPE while also providing training to know how to use the machinery or other equipment. If you have requested your staff to visit these locations, it should not be on them to supply their own gear, so use your budget to give them everything they need, including masks, hard hats, and high-vis gear.

Know Who to Call 

Your staff may need to travel for work, which involves getting onto the highway or driving through unfamiliar cities. While they will get one with this fine, there’s always the risk there could be an accident, so you will need to provide highly rated car accident lawyers to represent them, even if the accident was not their fault. Make it clear to your staff that they need to call you as soon as something happens, and you can put them in touch with the right people.

Safety First 

You may not believe that employee safety is your responsibility unless they are at the office. However, if they are on the clock, you must make sure that you have policies and measures in place that ensure they can complete their job with protection and confidence. By adhering to these ideas, you will keep your staff safe, happy, and productive.

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