5 Shirt Mockup Templates You Can Download For Free

5 Shirt Mockup Templates You Can Download For Free

When it comes to showcasing your custom shirt designs, mockup templates are your secret weapon. In this article, we have compiled five shirt mockup templates that you do not need to buy before you use them.

Why Use Shirt Mockup Templates?

Before diving into our selection, let’s understand why shirt mockup templates are indispensable in the world of design:

They Offer Realism

Realism is one of the key reasons why we use shirt mockup templates. Mockups are a client’s dream come true as they give the client a clean, clear, and realistic view of their project before they spend any money on printing or manufacturing.

Helps with Client Presentations

When presenting shirt designs to clients, it’s important to provide them with a 3D model of how the final product will look. Shirt mockup templates allow designers to showcase their designs in a professional and polished manner. 

By using these templates, designers can present their concepts in a way that accurately represents the colors, textures, and overall appearance of the finished shirts. This helps clients make informed decisions and gives them a clear understanding of how the design will translate into the actual garment.


Using shirt mockup templates is cost-effective for several reasons. First, creating physical prototypes or samples of shirts can be expensive, especially when considering the cost of materials, production, and shipping. Mockup templates eliminate the need for these expenses as they provide a digital representation of the shirt design. 

Second, mockup templates allow designers to adjust and experiment with different designs without incurring additional costs. They can easily modify colors, patterns, and other design elements to see what works best before committing to production. 

Lastly, mockup templates can be reused for multiple designs, saving both time and money. Designers can simply apply different graphics or patterns to the same template, reducing the need to start from scratch each time. Overall, using shirt mockup templates is a cost-effective way to visualize and refine designs without breaking the bank.


Versatility is a great reason why we use shirt mockup templates. These templates offer various options and variations, allowing designers to showcase their designs in different shirt styles, colors, and sizes. Whether it’s a crew neck, V-neck, long sleeve, or tank top, mockup templates are available for various shirt types. 

This versatility enables designers to experiment and explore different possibilities without the need for physical samples or prototypes. They can easily swap out designs, change colors, or adjust elements to see how it looks on different shirt options. This flexibility allows designers to create and present their designs in various contexts. Shirt mockup templates offer endless possibilities for showcasing creativity and ensuring that the final product meets the desired vision.

Time Efficiency

Using shirt mockup templates saves time because they provide a ready-to-use framework for showcasing designs. Using mockup templates is the best thing that ever happened to designers, as mockup templates cut down the time and effort used to describe to a client how the design will look as a finished product. In all, mockup templates help designers streamline their work process and save them hours in meetings, which otherwise would have been used to explain how the design will look and function in real life.

5 Free Shirt Mockup Templates

Now let’s dive into our selection of five free shirt mockup templates–the reason for this article;

1. City Street Shirt Mockup

A city street shirt mockup is a design template that showcases a shirt with a city street scene as the background. Using a city street as the setting adds a stylish and urban feel to your shirt design. It’s an excellent opportunity to display your creativity and draw notice to your brand or message.

2. Beach Day Shirt Mockup

A beach day shirt mockup showcases a beach setting with pictures of palm trees and waves. This is anyone’s first thought when they hear the word “beach”. They provide a relaxed, sun-soaked atmosphere.

3. Vintage Shirt Mockup

Vintage shirt mockups are design templates that allow you to showcase your designs on vintage-style shirts. They’re a great way to visualize how your design would look on a retro or old-school shirt. 

4. Athletic Shirt Mockup

 An athletic shirt mockup is a digital representation of a shirt design specifically tailored for sports or athletic activities. It allows you to visualize how your design would look on an athletic shirt before it goes into production.

Athletic shirt mockups are beneficial for athletes, sports teams, or fitness apparel brands as they help in showcasing their designs and getting feedback before manufacturing. They allow you to experiment with different design options, ensuring that your athletic shirt reflects the style, functionality, and branding you desire.

5. Minimalist Shirt Mockup

 Sometimes, less is more. A minimalist shirt mockup is a design template that showcases a shirt with a simple and clean aesthetic. It typically features a plain background and focuses on highlighting the shirt’s design, color, and fit. This minimalist mockup allows your shirt design to take center stage, perfect for clean and straightforward apparel branding. It allows designers to visualize how their design will appear on a shirt and helps them make adjustments before production.

How to Use These Mockup Templates

The steps to using mockup templates are simple. They are as follows;

Download the template

Download your chosen mockup template. Yellow Images is a treasure trove of creative templates, so it is the best bet for any designer who wants a variety of templates to choose from. The downloaded template will then be opened in any graphic design software.

Customize Your Design

Use the smart object layers to insert your shirt design. This typically involves double-clicking the smart object, which opens a new window where you can paste your design. Save and close this window to see your design in the mockup.

Adjust Shirt Color

Most templates allow you to change the shirt color to match your design. Use the provided color options or a separate adjustment layer.

Modify Shadows and Highlights

If you source your shirt mockup from a mockup generator like Yellow Images, you would have the option of adjusting shadows and highlights to give it a 3D look.


When all is said and done, you should not forget to save and export the finished design. It should be saved as a high-resolution image to retain the quality.


Shirt mockup templates are invaluable design tools for graphic designers, apparel brands, and anyone looking to visualize shirt designs realistically. In this article, we’ve introduced five free and versatile mockup templates that you can download in PSD format. 

These resources enable you to present your designs convincingly, whether you’re pitching ideas to clients, marketing your products, or simply exploring your creative potential. With the right mockup, your shirt designs will shine and leave a lasting impression. So, go ahead and give them a try to elevate your shirt design game.

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