Average Cost Of Window Replacements

Average Cost Of Window Replacements
Image by sealtech installations from Pixabay

Replacing old, inefficient windows can greatly improve energy efficiency, noise reduction, aesthetics, and home comfort. However, this major home upgrade also entails significant expense. Homeowners naturally wonder about the average cost of window replacements. 

The prices of new window installations vary substantially based on the home’s size and unique requirements. However, homeowners can expect to invest around $1000 to $2000 per window for high-quality, energy-efficient replacements. Numerous factors impact how much windows cost, as discussed below.

Types Of Windows

Several window types suit different needs and spaces with unique benefits and drawbacks. Their attributes and production costs directly affect pricing.

1. Casement Windows

Hinged on one side and crank open outward. Sturdy and energy efficient but more expensive than sliders. Cost around $800 – $2500 per window installed.

2. Slider Windows

It is budget-friendly and easy to open and clean but less airtight than casements. Run from $400 – $1500 installed.

3. Awning Windows

Hinge at the top and open outward. Let in light/air while preserving privacy. Avg. $1000 – $2000 installed.

4. Bay And Bow Windows

Stylish accent windows that project outward. Complex installations cost $2500-$4000+. 

5. Garden Windows

Forward-facing windows with built-in box seats. Require expertise to install properly around $3000-$5000 each.

Specialty window styles require more labor and materials, driving costs above basic sliders.


Window frame materials hugely impact insulating abilities, durability, aesthetics, and price:

1. Vinyl Frames

Affordable at $600 – $1500 per window installed. It offers durability and low maintenance but lacks visual appeal for some. 

2. Composite Frames

Made from vinyl and reinforced with wood. Cost around $1200 – $2500 per window. Provide strength and warp resistance.

3. Wood Frames

It is beautiful but requires regular staining/sealing. Run $1500 – $3000+. Custom wood options like mahogany can cost $ 5,000+ per window installation.

4. Aluminum Frames

Sleek, light, yet sturdy. Cost-effective, around $800 – $1800 installed, but conducts heat/cold easily. Best for warm climates.

5. Fiberglass Frames

Offer exceptional thermal insulation. Comparable in price to quality wood, averaging $2000 – $3500 per window. 

Frame materials significantly sway the cost of window replacements based on attributes like insulation, weather resistance, and aesthetics.


Glazing refers to the glass components of windows, which also influence the cost.

1. Double Pane

Two panes trap air to improve insulation. About $100-300, more affordable than a triple pane. Around $800-2000 per window installation.

2. Triple Pane

Optimal insulation with minimal temperature transfer plus noise dampening. Run $1500 – $3000+ per window installed. Add 10-15% to double pane pricing.

3. Low-Emissivity Coatings

Microscopically thin metallic coatings that further boost insulation. Add $75 – $200 per window.

4. Argon/Krypton Gas Fills

Inert gases between panes enhance insulation. Add $100 – $250 per window.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

Windows receives certification for thermal performance under standards like ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Energy Rating (ER) system. Meeting higher efficiency benchmarks increases costs but yields long-term energy savings and comfort.

So a basic vinyl slider ER-3 costs around $400-800 installed, while a premium casement with ER-5 certification and triple glazing runs $2500-3500. Maximum efficiency ratings provide ideal insulation but raise replacement windows cost substantially.


Personalizing windows via unique shapes, sizes, trims, and finishes ups costs through custom production and specialized installation: 

1. Arched Windows

Distinctive arched tops require custom glass cutting and framing for $500+ per window premium.

2. Shape Customization

Going beyond standard rectangular configurations costs $300+ per window extra.

3. Decorative Glass

Etched, stained, led, or colored art glass adds aesthetic appeal for $500+ more per window.

Installation Factors

Installing replacement windows requires expertise, entailing added costs

1. Access Issues

 Second-story or challenging-to-reach windows require equipment rentals and more time, adding at least $200 per window.

2. Window Opening Modifications

Resizing to accommodate replacements adds $200+. 

3. Damaged Window Removals

Detaching stubborn old windows and repairs to surrounding surfaces add at least $100 per window.

4. New Construction Installs

More complex requirements compared to replacements, costing $400+ more per window.

5. Multi-Story Homes

Require advanced equipment and safety precautions, limit daily installs, and extend project timelines and budgets.

6. Severe Climate Insulation/Flashing

Boosts material needs in cold and wet regions, adding $100+ per window.