6 Ways You Can Fix “The Default Gateway is Not Available” Error

6 Ways You Can Fix “The Default Gateway is Not Available” Error

If you’ve ever experienced an internet connection issue while exploring the web, you may have seen a warning that reads “The Default Gateway is Not Available” — but what exactly does this mean? Let’s look at its meaning and explore some methods of resolving it.

What does the Default Gateway Mean?

When the routing table does not have any IP address to direct a data packet toward its destination, then a default gateway steps in. This router or network node automatically forwards the data further along in the computer networking system and allows for successful communication with other networks.

Therefore, the default gateway serves as a doorway to other networks whenever one network desires to transfer data or communicate with another. In addition, this involves modifying the IP address and subnet mask of your system along with any current network topologies.

Every network component typically maintains its own routing table to ensure IP packets reach their intended destination. This includes details such as which port or interface the communication should take place, a set of predetermined rules that must be followed, and exact directions for how the packet should travel through the different networks.

If the IP packet cannot identify a suitable set of rules or route to its destination address, it will then automatically select the default gateway for further routing.

Thus, by establishing a set of specific configurations, referred to as the default route, any router that links up the local area network (LAN) to the Internet will automatically act like a default gateway. This is especially true for small offices or home networks.

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How to Fix “The Default Gateway is Not Available” Error?

1. Remove MacAfee Programs from Your Computer

The “default gateway not available” issue can be caused by McAfee security software. To resolve this, go to your computer’s control panel, click on Programs and select the programs and features option. 

To uninstall McAfee, go to the Add or Remove Programs option and select the desired program and uninstall it.

Uninstalling this program should clear the matter up, and to ensure your device is safe from any future viruses or threats, consider installing other security solutions.

2. Reset the Wi-Fi or Ethernet Adapter

Resolve your Wi-Fi issues instantly by disabling and reactivating the network connection from the Network & Internet Sharing menu.

Steps to get it right

  1. Click Right on the network caption
  2. Select Open Network Internet Settings
  3. Go to Change Your Network Settings
  4. Select from the Menu Change Adapter setting (You’ll be able to spot your Ethernet connection adapter quickly, and then select it thereafter.)
  5. Click Right on the Disable option & wait for a while
  6. Click on the Enable option

3. Change the Wireless Router’s Frequency 

The advanced router works on 5GHz frequency, however sometimes the adapter you’re using is not compatible with this setting. To resolve your gateway issue, adjust the frequency from 5GHz to 2.4GHz — instructions for making this switch are provided in the router manual. 

4. Uninstall Network Adapter Drivers

The “default gateway is not available” problem has an easy solution – simply uninstall the network drivers from your computer. When you reboot it, Windows will detect and reinstall them automatically. 

Steps to get it right

  1. Go to your PC’s Device Manager
  2. Right-click on the caption & expand the network adapter option 
  3. Click Uninstall 
  4. Reboot the system after uninstalling
  5. After your system boots up, the network adapter will be automatically detected and reinstalled.

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5. Update your Network Adapter Drivers

If you’re seeing the message “default gateway is not available,” one of your first steps should be to update the network adapter drivers on your PC. Downloading and installing driver software from a verified source like your hardware manufacturer’s website can help resolve this issue.

Steps to get it right

  1. Go to your PC’s Device Manager
  2. Right-click on the caption & expand the network adapter option 
  3. It will display the version of the driver and you have to select the Update Driver Software 
  4. Select this option & look for automatically updated driver software
  5. Download the befitting software

If the automated search yields unsatisfactory results, then manually scout for updated software and download it to resolve your issue once and for all.

6. Disable Auto-Login 

The Auto-Login feature was recently introduced for the user’s Windows account, allowing them to log in repeatedly before shutting down their PC. Unfortunately, this new development conflicts with Windows Network Settings, resulting in an issue of “Default Gateway is Not Available”.

To solve this problem, either turn off the feature or create a password. This way, your device will require authentication each time it boots up and won’t automatically start again without you logging in.

Final Thoughts

If the “default gateway is not available” error persists, a reset of your router to its factory settings can be useful in rectifying any incorrect configurations and potentially solving your issue. Just keep in mind that this will wipe out all adjusted parameters, requiring you to reconfigure it again afterwards. If that does not do the trick either, then resetting your PC as a last resort may prove beneficial.

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