8 Best Alternatives of ThopTv for iOS, Android, and PC Device

8 Best Alternatives of ThopTv for iOS, Android, and PC Device
8 Best Alternatives of ThopTv for iOS, Android, and PC Device

With us getting busier day by day, it is not possible to spend time with our favorite TV shows on their scheduled show-up. Watching them is a lot easier with the help of a few apps like ThopTv to help us stream TV shows online. However, at times, your device may not support ThopTv. There are many alternatives to Thoptv for iOS, Android, or PC.

Why do you need ThopTv alternatives for iOS, Android, and PC?

Who does not like variety?

ThopTv has surely gained a top position in streaming applications. However, there may be limitations to it, depending on the device you use.

Some of the best Thoptv alternatives for Android, iOS, and PC can eliminate these limitations. These alternatives are present to provide the best possible entertainment in the comfort you need and the time expense you seek. Not only do you get to stream your favorite shows, but you can also download them to watch them at any time you find yourself free. Also, these alternatives have a lot of additional features to amaze you.

Below are 8 topmost ThopTv app alternatives for PC, iOS, and Android

1) Live Net Tv

Live TV is among those applications available that are used by people due to the trust that has been built around it.

  • The trust feature keeps the users of this application bound to it. The app gives the liberty of contacting the developers 1 to 1 about adding any channel of your preference.
  • The application, Live Net TV allows a very wide range of channel databases during live TV streaming.
  • As a user, you will have the smoothest experience while live-streaming irrespective of the influx of streaming at that particular time.

2) CKay TV

Launched in 2016, this application provides a lot of variety to the users.

  • It comes with a TV guide to help you understand its functions.
  • CKay TV has an attractive user interface along with an in-built media player.
  • It provides thorough checked third-party links to avoid disappointment to its viewers.

3) GoMax

Talking about the competitors for Thoptv in the field of live streaming, no one can ignore the name of GoMax.

  • This application is designed only for mobile use as an application for live streaming.
  • One of the features that make GoMax a standalone in the field of live-streaming apps is its ability to provide regional channels of different languages.
  • The GoMax application is available for download on your mobile phones for enjoyment purposes and is free of charge.

4) Jio TV

Jio has managed to not leave any stone unturned in the field of technology, and an example of that is the active streaming app Jio TV.

  • The Jio app can be fully brought to use only when you are using the app on a SIM provided by Indian internet service provider Jio under the 4G connectivity provided by it.
  • Jio brings you channels in 15 different languages for your entertainment at home at your preferred time.
  • It provides you with all Indian channels at your convenience. Jio also manages to render many international TV channels without asking for a single penny from your pocket.
  • You can store your favorite TV shows in offline mode for about 7 days on the Jio TV App.

5) Morpheus TV

Among all the best alternatives that are present for live streaming apps on iOS, Android, and PC for ThopsTV, the Morpheus TV alternative has earned its place.

  • Morpheus TV is among those popular streaming apps available all over the world, making entertainment more convenient for us.
  • Another feature of this app is that it is free and provides amazing services to its users.
  • The Morpheus TV application for live streaming has about 25 different languages in which a user can approach it.

6) UK TV Now

Below are some of the important points about UK TV Now:

  • UK TV provides facilities for live-streaming all over the world. It is an international streaming app. The countries that are covered by UK TV are a total of 10 countries, and the different categories of channels streamed on UK TV are 9.
  • The UK TV application provided for live streaming comes with a user-friendly interface, therefore, making it one of the topmost among the list of alternatives for Thoptv.
  • Another feature of the UK TV application is the liberty of not being obliged to sign up or register yourself on the application.
  • The application also provides a feature where you are free to download a video to watch later.

7) ModroTV APK

The mind-blowing features of this application have been listed in the top 8 alternatives for ThopTV. It has an excellent user interface.

  • You can download any TV show or watch it online as per your preference. It also stands as a very successful live-streaming application out there.
  • The application is well-categorized and free to use. It can be used in Kodi, Windows, Android, Linux, and many more systems.
  • ModroTV APK brings you many channels to stream live and get yourself entertained at your choice of time.

8) Pikashow App

The Pikashow app has been available in the field of light streaming applications available for iOS, Android, or PC devices since 2014.

  • The live streams provided on the Pikashow app include streams from very reputable platforms like Disney, Hotstar, Netflix, Sonyliv Amazon Prime, etc.
  • The application offers your favorite TV shows for free.
  • The videos are in picture quality, which is deemed perfect by people all over the world.

The use of these alternatives will not make you feel the need for ThopsTV because they have the best quality of live streaming for your favorite shows served to you on a platter. The high-speed video buffering speed, the option to reschedule your videos, and the ability to use a custom video player add to your comfort level and recreation.

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